Fertility Diet: Day 4…


So today we got our IVF paperwork/planner in the mail. Outlining all the shots I’ll be on and the dates to start ext. I take my last birth control pill on August 1st – SO CLOSE! I’m so excited to start our IVF journey but also very scared. The paper work was so daunting at first. The daily needles are whats freaking me out the most I think. I just hope I do everything right and don’t crew it all up. Doing just the trigger shot last month for our IUI was scary enough haha. But I’m sure after we meet with out nurse in a few weeks to go over the planner I’ll be more at ease. We have our ‘IVF Beginners’ class coming up too, so I’m sure I’ll feel more knowledge after that is all done. Now lets get into todays food…

Day #4


This mornings breakfast was 1 english muffin toasted and topped with 2 scrambled eggs and spinach. Perfect meal to wake up too. Zach didn’t have daycare this morning so I had a little extra time to whip this up.



Lunch was 2 slices of toast with 1/2 an avocado smashed on top and a sprinkle of danish feta, salt and pepper. Served with a side of fresh strawberries. This is so simple but so yummy, I always find myself wanting more! Avocado is one of my favourites, I eat it almost daily. It’s an addiction haha. But The healthy fats are so good that I don’t care.



Put together this Garlic, Soy & Ginger Pork stir fry for dinner. Packed with capsicum, carrot, snow peas and spinach. Another easy meal to throw together. Stir fry is a perfect meal to get so many extra veggies into your day. Pack it with everything you can think of! I normally add mushrooms, bok choy and red onion as well but we were all out.



  Of course I had my daily fertility smoothie – today’s was Banana Choc Bliss!  ~ 1 banana, 1 cup almond milk (or milk if your choice) 5 dates, 2 teaspoons maca powder, dash of vanilla extract and 2 table spoons of cacao (or chocolate powder of your choice) – Choc milk goodness!! ~  Also had some more of my Cacao Bliss Balls from yesterday! Can’t get enough. Looking for a new Bliss Ball recipe to give a whirl this weekend.



Fertility Diet: Day 3…

Day #3


This morning I had a fertility smoothie for breakfast, I had no bananas again so I did a berry and mango smoothie. I also added my spirulina powder – the darkness of the berries and the super greeness from the spirulina made it a horrible almost brown/throw up looking colour. It wasn’t very appealing but it didn’t taste too bad. I didn’t snap a picture because 1, it was ugly and 2, I was running late to work/dropping Zach off at daycare. My mid morning snack was yummy fruit though, love when its strawberry season in Australia and you can get them for dirt cheap! My absolute favourite fruit!


Lunch was super easy and so tasty. Another one of my go to quick meals. It was just simply avocado, diced tomato and crumbled Danish Feta on gluten free corn crisp bread. A crack of pepper and pink salt on top really finishes it off.



Pizza night! I love making these veggie packed pizzas. We use rye wraps (Wattle Valley brand) as the base and add a ton of veggies! Tonight we used spinach, tomato, red capsicum, mushrooms, pineapple, pumpkin as well as a little cheese and pepperoni slices. Pizza minus the guilt and excess carbs. I also counted this as my ‘salad’ for the day as it was packed with goodness.



I thought I would whip up a batch of these yummy Raw Cacao Bliss Balls. They are a great afternoon pick me up. Packed with healthy fats from almonds and cashews. And a nice chocolate hit from the cacao powder. If you have never made Bliss Balls I suggest you give them a whirl! I had 2 as a snack and might sneak another one later for my dessert.


Today went really good, busy morning at work then an afternoon in the kitchen getting dinner prepped and whipping up the Bliss Balls. Now ready to crawl into bed and snuggle my baby boy to sleep. Hope everyone is having a wonderful day. Until tomorrow…


Fertility Diet: Day 2…


  Day #2


Today went pretty good, had work in the morning so had my overnight oats again for breakfast, minus banana this time because Zach decided to eat the last 2 yesterday afternoon lol. It was just as delious though.


Got home from work just after lunch time and was craving naughty hot chips/fries so I decided to whip up my oven baked sweet potato fries – I love these and they taste better than a deep fried McDonald’s French fry that’s for sure! I had a side salad with my DARK green veggie Spinach and some whipped avocado to dip the fries in! Such a good meal.


I made creamy Thai chicken curry in the slow cooker for dinner tonight. Packed with spinach, broccoli, red onion & capsicum. Served with a small side of jasmine rice. Will defiantly be making this one again.


Today’s fertility smoothie was made with fresh starwberries, mango, almond milk, Greek yogurt, maca powder and water. Also had a raw food bar made by The Bar Counter. They have an amazing range of healthy snack bars.

      Also had my daily vitamins along with 2 big glasses of water this morning. And my daily greens juice. So far feeling good. I really wanna stick to this and give my body the best chance possible to conceive during our IVF cycle next month. Thanks for reading…


The start of the 21 day fertility challenge….

Day #1…

So today is the start of my 21 Day Fertility Diet/Challenge. I will be posting everyday (hopefully) to keep everyone updated and mainly just to help keep myself accountable. Sorry in advance if the excessive posts get annoying or repetitive. A visual food journal will help me keep on track and make sure I am getting tons of healthy nutrients into my body. Here is a link to my pervious post I did explaining the 5 steps to the challenge better if anyone was intrested: 21 day fertility challenge.

To prep I bought myself some of the ‘fertility’ superfoods, I got Maca powder – perfect to add to salads, cooking, juices etc. I will be adding it to my daily fertility smoothie. I also picked up Spirulina powder – you can also add to salads, cooking, juices but again I’ll be adding it to my fertility smoothies. I decided instead of making a daily green juice with my big bulky juicing machine I will just use a powered mix I found. I got a Super Green powder mix with added berries. You just add it to 300ml of water and it’s good to go. With work and a 3 year old to keep up with I’m all for time saving tricks lol. The powder mix I bought has 16 servings of vegetables in each serve and is packed with high nutrients and antioxidants.


Food Journal Day 1:


Started the day off with 2 big glasses of water to wake my body up and to help get my metabolism moving. I had my daily vitamins of Fish oil, Pregnancy vitamin, Iron supplement, Vitamin C and the good old Birth Control Pill. (ugh!)

Breakfast was a favourite – overnight oats. Super easy and filling breakfast that I have been leaning towards a lot lately. On the mornings I have work I don’t feel like fumbling around the kitchen for too long so this is always a life saver!


– 1 serve of old fashion oats

– 1 serve of light greek yogurt

-1/2 banana & small handful of berries

– Chia and Flax seeds

– Stevia and sugar free maple syrup for added sweetness 


Lunch was a big green salad – packed with my DARK green veg of choice spinach!! Also added Tomatoes, Zucchini, Corn, 1/4 Avocado, Danish Feta, and some diced Strawberries and Walnuts for added crunch. Topped with a mustard balsamic vinaigrette dressing. Delish!



Dinner was super simple – avocado and crumbled feta on toast with sunny side up eggs.



Fertility smoothie! And it was delicious…the Spirulina gave it an intense green colour so I decided not to add spinach to this one.  I’m excited to try out different variety of the fertility smoothies I have found.


Mango Fertility Smoothie

-1 cup diced mango (fresh or frozen)

– 1/2 banana

– 1 teaspoon Maca powder

– 1 teaspoon Spirulina powder

– 1/3 cup greek yogurt

– sprinkle of chia seeds

– dash of almond milk and water

So that ends day one of my challenge, Feeling excited to be started. I’ll check back in tomorrow with how I go. Thanks so much for reading and following our journey…


The 21 day fertility challenge…

So we are doing it. IVF here we come…

Finances are all good and we will be doing our first ever IVF cycle in August. Got confirmation from our clinic today and will be attending a ‘Beginners; IVF’ information night with our nurse and a few other couples at the start of next month. All so real now. So I thought for a good distraction during the wait and to help prepare my body for all the stress it will be under (drugs, injections etc) I will be doing the 21 day fertility diet/challenge. I want to be as healthy as I can be and eat lots of nutrients and healthy fats etc. I will be starting this coming monday, July 20th. I will also be blogging everyday to keep myself accountable and to do a ‘visual food diary‘ as such.


So what is the 21 day fertility diet/challenge?

Basically the 21 day fertility diet/challenge is just keeping with your normal everyday diet (well balanced, lots of greens/lean meats, healthy fats etc) and just adding in these 5 things to your everyday intake:

 1: Drink 500ml – 1 litre of water within the first hour of waking up, add lemon or berries for added flavour if you like.

2: Eat one big green salad a day – lots of fresh veggies

3: Drink 1 fertility smoothie a day – I have found a few good recipes I will share once I test them out and find my favourites. It should include at least 1 fertility superfood (maca, spirulina, royal jelly etc)

4: Eat at least 1 DARK leafy green a day (mine will be spinach in my daily salad) Or you could do kale etc…

5: Drink 1 green juice a day. I have a juicer and a ton of green juice recipes that I love from when I did a few juice cleanses in the past.

So basically it’s just jamming as many greens and nutrition into the body, all the good stuff our body wants and needs. I’m really excited to get started and just help my body get healthier and prepared. I will also be doing light exercise 2-3 times a week. My doctor only wants me doing light exercise.

Look out for my first of many updates/food diaries. Hope they don’t keep too annoying & repetitive lol.



We met with our doctor this morning, after having a discussion with him we were left very confused on what we should do next. What our next step should be. We were sure that we would want to try at least 3 IUI cycles before we considered moving on to IVF. But is that really the best decision? Over $2,000 per IUI cycle – 3 cycles and we would be down over $6,000. The success rate is low, It’s only 15% – I’m 26 now, once you hit 25 the chances just decrease and decrease from there. It it really realistic to think it will work? It is the logical answer? No…probably not. An IVF cycle would set us back around $10,000 upfront but we would get about $5,000 back from rebates/medicare. It just doesn’t seem like we should do another IUI – IVF is about a 60% success rate…60% vs 15% – I sure know which I would prefer. With Zach we were so lucky, he was our miracle…and maybe we have already used up our miracle – maybe now we need to step the game up. We left the doctors office saying we were just going to do the IUI – we don’t really have $10,000 just laying around to do IVF. But IUI just didn’t feel right anymore


After discussing it further with my husband on the drive back to his work we realised we could get the money if we really needed it. (No i’m not talking about armed robbery or anything haha) So I called our doctor back literally 20 mins after we left our meeting to let them know we were thinking that we should move onto IVF instead. Just saying the words out loud is scary. My heart raced, tummy suddenly had butterflies swimming around and I was shaking a little. I never thought I would be in this position, I never thought we would need to turn to IVF. But we both feel that it’s the right choice.

So now we wait. My fertility clinic will be getting in touch to let me know dates/medications/injections/ultrasound dates etc. It is all very overwhelming. So much more intrusive than an IUI cycle,

But the outcome will be so very worth it. 

Moving forward…

So I just made the dreaded call to our clinic to let them know that the IUI was unsuccessful and that my period had arrived. It was a phone call filled with tears, I was holding myself together so well, I had only cried once – the morning I took the pregnancy test and it was a big fat negative…I knew my period was on its way and we were out for that cycle. I cried my eyes out, that overwhelming silent cry where you gasp for breath…until this phone call. I cried again, I let it all out. The nurse was so sweet and sympathetic, I couldn’t imagine doing her job, the amount of heartache and loss she would see day to day would kill me…but then again all the positive pregnancies and TTC veterans finally getting there baby would maybe be enough to counteract it all out…


So if we want to go ahead and move on to the next cycle I need to start the pill again on day four of my period (this Wednesday- ironically the day my period was actually meant to be due…) The next IUI will be at the end of August, which is a good surprise considering I thought we would have to wait until September. I’m excited to move forward, I can’t dwell on it forever. We need to take steps forward and believe our next miracle baby is waiting for us. My fertility doctor is on holidays until the 14th of July so I won’t be able to see him for a few weeks, but when he is back we will meet again and come up with the next plan/dates etc…


Today I am grateful for my friends and family and my son, I am already so blessed and I can never forget that. Last night we had dinner with our best friends and it was a good distraction that we needed. They even bought me ‘Cheer up‘ rainbow cupcakes – hoping that they would bring a ‘ray of sunshine’ to my day. The little things really make a difference to your day and your mood.