Beta #2: Results…

Beta #2 was this morning (18dp5dt) and just got the call back from my nurse. HCG is now at 5,180! (Yay for rising numbers!) They are looking for the numbers to double every 48-72 hours and mine more than doubled from my 1st beta so we are very happy with that. My progesterone is at 181 with is also great she said, I still need to be on my progesterone pessaries twice a day until I see my fertility doctor for our first ultrasound. (Only 2 weeks away!!!) So glad everything is moving in the right direction. Keep growing baby! 


Week 5: Bump Date…

Today I am 5 weeks pregnant! I still have a 2nd beta this thursday to go to as well as a 3rd the following week. I thought I would start documenting my pregnancy with this little ‘weekly pregnancy questionnaire‘ It is also my husbands and I’s 2nd wedding anniversary today, So to him I say: I LOVE YOU! Thanks for putting up with me for the past 2 years as your wife…I’m so lucky to have you as my husband, my soul mate, my best friend and the father to our babies xx


Ok enough of the sappy stuff and onto the questions…

How far along? 5 weeks!
Total weight gain/loss: I haven’t actually checked yet…I’ll step on the scales and find out…maybe…Lol.

Maternity clothes? Yes, LOVING my maternity jeans- so comfortable. My regular jeans are snug already..
Stretch marks? Nope
Sleep: Loving it! Finding myself so sleepy the last week or so.
Best moment this week: Getting our beta results and knowing for sure we were ‘knocked up’

Worst moment this week: Dizziness, headaches and fatigue!
Have you told family and friends: Yes- announced to close family and friends. Waiting for the Facebook announcement until after we are in the 2nd trimester…if we can last that long.

Movement: Too early just yet.
Food cravings: Pasta dishes…anything with PASTA! Give me the carbs!
Have you started to show yet: My little ‘mummy tummy’ pooch is turning into a little baby bump…or just BLOAT!
Leakage: Nope.
Gender prediction: Jason thinks girl…I think boy..but then I change my mind back and forth lol. I’ll be happy with either!

 Labor Signs: Way too early!

Belly Button in or out? In.
Wedding rings on or off? On..and loose as it is haha. Never did get around to resizing them.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Mmm I think mostly happy. Maybe a few ‘moody’ moments.
Milestones: GETTING PREGNANT! Thank you IVF nurses, doctors and scientists!!



Beta #1: results…

Went in this morning to get my Beta HCG blood levels done. It was then a loooong 4 hours until I got the phone call from my clinic with the news. My IVF nurse called just after lunchtime to let me know that….WE ARE OFFICIALLY PREGNANT!!! My beta (aka HCG levels) were 499, she said anything between 20-400 is what this stage of pregnancy normally is – so I’m well over the 400 mark! YAY!!! More bloods will be done at 5 weeks and then again at 6 weeks just to make sure levels keep rising. First ultrasound will be at 7 weeks! We are so so so happy and blessed! Feels so real now that it’s confirmed ! She also said i’m roughly 4 weeks and 2 days pregnant just like I worked out, my progesterone is at 120 and anything over 100 is good. Thanks for all the well wishes and support from you ladies, means the world to me!! 

I’m pregnant!?!

Tomorrow is my official beta test. I’m excited to see how my HCG levels are looking. I of course couldn’t help but take every single test I had in the house over the last 5 days (really bad POAS +pee on a stick+ addiction!) So first test I took on 3dp5dt was a huge negative, then 4dp5dt I could see the faintest little line…So here is my test progression picture. I did also used some blue dye tests (Clearblue and Crystal Clear) but they barely showed a line, yet I was getting very visible positives on these first response test, these are definitely my test of choice – and of course the most expensive…  

We also decided to do a Clearblue digital test on Saturday morning (7dp5dt) Jason had the honour of dipping it in my cup of pee haha…and I almost peed my pants when we came back to read the results. I just had a feeling my levels might have been too low to get a positive on the digital but there it was...I screamed and jumped with excitement. Still in awe of it all!  


We have only told mine and Jason’s family and very close friends, keeping it off Facebook etc until at least 12 weeks. I do share a lot about my journey on my Instagram account – but I only have a very small amount of people I know in real like on there, it’s more of a support place where I can talk and share with other mums and ladies undergoing fertility treatment. 

So because I’m crazy I did another digital yesterday afternoon and it went up to the 2-3 week reading – just proof that my HCG levels are still rising! I only have 1 more test left in the house, another Clearblue digital – but I’m saving that for a 3+ reading next week. No more peeing on sticks I promise!!! I think once the blood test comes back my urge to pee on sticks will subside haha. 

Thank you so very much for all of the well wishes and congrats – it has filled my heart with so much love and joy! I don’t know how I could have gotten through this crazy IVF journey without all of the support you wonderful ladies have shown me!!

Could this be it…?

So after the negative I got on 3dp5dt I swore I wasn’t going to test again until at least Saturday (which would have been 7dp5dt) but I woke up yesterday with a little bleeding when I wiped – nothing major but it scared the CRAP out of me! I thought it was over and my period was in its way. So I thought why the hell not just pee on a stick then…well this is what I saw!!!! A second line – a very very faint line. But a LINE none the less!  

The bleeding had completely stopped after an hour, it was only ever a little amount when I wiped, nothing that required a panty liner etc. Not sure if it may have been implantation or from the progesterone pessaries. But I of course processed to do a few more tests lol….Could this be it? our BFP?!? I really really hope so. Won’t really feel at ease until our blood test next Wednesday though…

4 days into the wait…

The two week wait so far….

So today marks 4dp5dt! (aka:4 days past 5 day transfer) These days could literally not go any slower, it’s killing me! On monday I went out and stocked up on some pregnancy tests, We planned to test on saturday which will be 7dp5dt. But for some stupid, silly reason when Zach was at daycare and I was home alone yesterday I decided to just pee on a stick anyway. It was of course NEGATIVE! Come on Sarah what are you doing? I was only 3 days past transfer – The embryo would have only been implanting at that stage and no hcg would even be released yet. But this just goes to show I can not be trusted around pregnancy tests. I think it’s also just exciting because for once I ACTUALLY have a reason to pee on a test. I actually have a chance! I wanna hold on to this hope for as long as I can! So I’ve learnt my lesson – Sarah you will NOT pee on a stick again until saturday morning. Symptom wise I haven’t really had anything at all, not too reassuring…a few little twinges on my left ovary side but thats about it. (not that that is even a pregnancy sign/symptom anyway lol)


I also got the call on monday to let us know how many of our 8 left over embryos make it to freeze. We got 9 eggs collected at egg collection, all 9 fertilised and grew perfectly to 5 day blastocysts, 1 beautiul embryo was transferred at 5 days and 4 ended up making it to freeze. We lost 4. Getting 4 into the freezer is amazing and we are so so happy and thankful but I still can’t help but feel a little sad about the 4 we lost. It’s all just part of this journey I guess. It never gets easier…I just pray this little embryo inside me sticks! I’ve never wanted anything more in my life. We have the picture of our embryo our IVF scientist gave us up on our fridge and I find myself looking at it so much during the day. I even talk to it and tell it to hang on in there…please please please hang on.


Little updates:

– Got our Medicare care rebate back today, our refund ended up being $5,600.00, So in the end we paid $7,882.00 out of pocket for this cycle.

– I’ll be going back to work next week after having 3 weeks off to just relax and take this journey in.

– Blood test is 1 week away now

talk to you soon…


Transfer day is here…

So it’s finally here. Transfer day!!! Probably the most nerve racking day out of this whole journey so far. Woke up this morning at 7am, Zach jumped into bed and gave us our morning hugs (then proceeded to roll around the bed with Maple…the dog lol) I was told to empty my bladder at about 8:15am and then drink 3 glasses of water and then just hold it until after the transfer. Ugh my bladder hates me since having Zach, this was definitely not a highlight of my day. My mother came around to watch Zach for us while we headed to our appointment. Off we went…I was a nervous mess and so was Jason. Our transfer appointment was at 9:15am and we arrived at about 9:00am. Our nurse went through some paper work with us,  gave us a little print out on ‘coping with the anxiety of waiting for a pregnancy test’ – ugh I was already having anxiety just reading the title lol. She also gave us our Pathology form for our pregnancy blood test which will be done on September 2nd! 11 days from now we will know if our little bean holds on for dear life! (If I don’t cave and do a pregnancy test before then of course…I’ll try and be strong though!) So after all that was done it was go time…


Our doctor was just as funny as always, it’s good that we can have a laugh with him and the nurses and not just have it all feel so ‘business’ like. So the scientist that was looking after our little embryos went over a few things with us. First she gave us a print out of our little embryo that was getting transferred and pointed out the different parts/sections etc. It was all so interesting. I’ll share the picture with you all. See the very bottom little cluster? That is what will (hopefully) form into the baby and the rest will all form into the placenta. Argh it’s just all so amazing. She told us that it was a perfect looking embryo. She also said that they will be freezing the rest today and by monday we will have a confirmed number of how many made it to the freeze stage. We are very excited to find out!


Now it was ‘lets get pregnant time!’ I undressed from the waist down and jumped up onto the bed. The nurse was in charge of the ultrasound machine that would show us the little embryo being put into place. The doctor got out the oh so fun Speculums and it was go time. He inserted a small catheter all the way up into my cervix and then the scientist loaded up the syringe with our little embryo and we actually got to watch the ultrasound screen as it was pushed through the catheter and into my uterus. It was this tiny little white speck…it was amazing! They then waited about a minute before removing the catheter and then the scientist checked the syringe under the microscope to make sure it wasn’t caught or anything (standard procedure) and that was it! All done!


Now I have just been resting up at home this afternoon while Jason had taken Zach to the footy with his cousins. I picked up some ‘implantation’ foods as well. Sure they are most likely old wives tales, but hey it won’t hurt to give them a go anyway right? So I’ve got myself some Pineapple core, Brazil nuts & Pomegranate juice! Now bring on September! Thanks for reading xxx