Life Updates & House Renovations & Frozen Embryo Transfer, Oh my…


Well here we are again. Long time no see. Life just got busy and the blog took the back burner. I miss writing and expressing myself here. I’m glad I’m back. Hopefully this time I can stick it out. My last post was back in December 2016, fast forward almost 7 months and here we are. We have just celebrated our daughters 1st birthday in May and our sons 5th birthday in June, its been a busy few months. Zach is now in school, already half way through this school year, I’m amazed at how well he is doing. I haven’t been back to work, and honestly don’t see myself going back until after we get our baby years behind us…so maybe in the next 3-4 years or so I’ll head back into the work force. For the time being I’m enjoying being a mum and watching my children grow. The past year has honestly been a blur, it all went by so quickly. When it comes to motherhood I know one thing to be true. The days are long, but the years are short!

18425281_10158561346585580_6685533136019855668_nSunny’s Cake Smash May 2017 


Adding To Our Family…?

One exciting thing happening at the moment is our upcoming FET (frozen embryo transfer) We are hoping to add the final piece to our family puzzle. We are lucky enough to have 4 frozen embryos in storage from our full IVF cycle back in 2015, so this time around things will be a lot more straight forward when it comes to the transfer, no injections or hormones, just a few pills a couple times a day to help thicken up my lining. This also means we are not going to be breaking the bank as much, although lets be real a frozen embryo transfer isn’t exactly cheap either. We met with our doctor at the end of May and we have our transfer planner from our IVF nurses all set and ready to go, we have made our first payment ($2,600 later…) I have all my medications and vitamins, now its just a waiting game. It all starts July 25th! If things go to plan (knock on wood) we’ll have our scan on August 8th and if my lining is all good then transfer is set for August 17th. Can’t wait to share this exciting journey with you all again.

19429711_10158806627900580_2712759851094981244_n Zach’s 5th Birthday!!! Can’t believe he is already 5!


House Renovations…?

So in October last year we actually moved house as our ‘family home’ was no longer big enough for our growing family. We are currently renting a larger house but we have exciting news – in 10 months time we will be starting renovations on our old home (it’s currently being leased out so we need to wait until their contract ends) We are expanding and doing extensions to the home as well as a brand new kitchen and floors. I’m most excited about a new kitchen…hello Pinterest, I’m already searching for inspiration. So we will hopefully be turning our little 3 bedroom house into a 4 bedroom house with 2 living areas and a bigger and better kitchen!! We are so excited to get the ball rolling with this. But until then we need to move again into a different rental (closer to Zach’s school, cheaper rent to help save anything extra we can etc) so we will be up and out of this house within the next few months. I’m thinking I won’t even unpack everything in the next move…I’ll just wait until we are in our forever home haha. #lazymum…

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this little update, look out for lots more updates and posts coming your way. Until next time…

sarah xx



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