My advice: Breastfeeding…

So I’ve had a few people ask me about breastfeeding advice and all I can say is I am certainly no expert. But I thought I’d share 5 tips/general advice to help make breastfeeding a little more of a relaxing and easy task

A little back ground first on my breastfeeding/formula feeding journey’s. With my son Zach, now 4.5 years old I did ‘try’ to breastfed him, I have try in quotation marks because looking back at it I don’t think I really tried at all. I gave up way too easily. His first night home was rough (lets face it – its meant to be!) I sat in the glider all night with him on my boob and thought this isn’t normal, he isn’t getting enough milk. (It is normal! That baby will live on your boob for 24 hours a day if it could lol) My nipples were sore and I just gave in, off to pick up formula we went. And that was that. Hell my milk hadn’t even come in by then and I just gave up.  It did come in the next day and my boobs were leaking everywhere. I still continued with the formula anyway…it was too hard to even try again. Now I’m not saying if you decide to switch to formula feeding that there is anything wrong with that – hello i did it. I’m just simply wanting to let first time mums/first time breastfeeders know that it will be hard but you can push through it. It gets easier!


{ Baby Sunny’s first latch }

This time around I knew I wanted to try harder. I knew I was going to feed my baby with my body, I wasn’t going down without a fight! Breastfeeding wasn’t meant to be easy, hell nothing about pregnancy, birth, taking care of and raising a baby is easy so why would feeding be any different! But I’m happy I pushed through (at times i wanted to give up again, not going to lie) and here we are today…almost at 7 months of successful breastfeeding for us. It’s been an amazing, rewarding journey…and saved me a ton of sleeping time not having to make and warm a bottle at 3am lol. So here we go, 5 tips/general advice that helped me with my breastfeeding journey.

1. The first 2 weeks are HARD!!! They are full of loooong cluster feeds and very little sleep. Baby will feel like they live on the boob. But push through. It will get better. I found just nesting at home for the first 2-3 weeks after the birth was the best thing. I was lucky enough to have my husband home for the first 3 weeks of our daughters life so he took care of the Daycare runs for our older son and the cooking/cleaning and entertaining of our son. Nipple cream will be a new best friend and breast pads because when that milk comes in, it really likes to come in!!

2. Find ‘your space‘ for feeding sessions. To this day when at home I only have 2 places in the whole house I enjoy feeding in. Our glider in the bedroom for bedtime/night feeds and the recliner in our media room for day feeds. I physically feel ‘off’ if I feed her in a different chair/room while at home. A nice comfortable chair and a quite room are bliss! (Well as quite as a 4.5 year old brother will allow…)

3. If you have a suspected ‘low supply‘ or are finding pumping isn’t producing enough milk try a lactation cookie! Pinterest has tons of different recipes to try, if they have Brewers yeast and oats in the ingredients list then they will be a winner in my book. Great combo for boosting milk. You can also of course buy lactation cookies already made, I’ve only personally tried one brand before, they were the Franjo’s Kitchen lactation cookies in Choc Chip (personal fave!) and Fig & Almond flavours. I found them to be amazing although I only used them for about 3 months as my milk supply increased a ton and I had more than enough to feed my daughter and haven’t had any supply issues at all/since.


4. Stay hydrated!!! Water is your best friend. Eating regular snacks is also a live saver. Have a little snack and water close by during breastfeeding sessions, especially those newborn cluster sessions that can last hours!! I remember actually sitting there during those early breastfeeding days and just feel my body craving a nice cold glass of water, I felt instantly better sipping on water while I fed.

5. My best tip – DON’T BE EMBARRASSED! Do not be embarrassed to feed in public places. For the first few months I didn’t feel at ease/comfortable to feed in public. If we were out and my daughter cried and I knew it was a hungry cry I would get scared, the cries were loud so I knew people were already looking. What was I gonna do, whip my boob out while everyone looked. The idea scared me…Fast forward almost 7 months into our breastfeeding journey and I’m whipping that boob out all over town, in the car, in a cafe, at the shopping centre. Bitch if my baby is hungry it’s getting fed. End of story. I’ve never personally had any rude comments or stares while feeding in public but I know it’s still for some reason ‘frowned upon’ by some people. But fuck them. My baby having a full tummy and being happy is more important than what those close-minded assholes think. Embrace the awesomeness of the human body – its AMAZING!