Dating scan…

So we were originally meant to have our dating scan done this week sometime (7 weeks) but when I rang up my fertility specialist last week to book in for this week they told me he couldn’t do it as he was leaving for holidays the very next day and wouldn’t be back until Oct 6th! I’d be 9 weeks by then. I was really bummed because I just really wanted to see our little baby and make sure everything was moving along nicely. Soooo we went ahead and booked in with him for Oct 6th. But….today I couldn’t take it anymore I needed to get my dating scan done! So I just went to our normal GP doctors clinic to see if they could get me a referral – and they did! So I got to see our beautiful little ‘sunbeam’ (Jason’s nickname for baby lol) this morning. It was AMAZING and it all went perfectly. Baby was measuring at exactly 7 weeks and 1 day – smack bang on track. And when I saw that little flicker of a heartbeat everything was at ease. It was perfection. Heart rate was 135 and going strong. The ultrasound technician did say that both of my ovaries were still a little swollen from the IVF medication but nothing to be concerned about. Looking forward to seeing how much baby has grown by the time we head in for our 9 week ultrasound with our fertility doctor. This will be our last appointment with him, then we are back to normal GP/midwife care. Our fertility clinic Monash IVF sent us our letter and pregnancy handbook last week, saying we have officially graduated from them, it’s so bittersweet. I’m going to miss the nurses – they were all so so lovely. Bring on the 7ish months – I’m ready for everything this pregnancy has in store for us!



5 thoughts on “Dating scan…

  1. Oh wow wow I’ve been Mia for quite a while and decided to check out what I’ve been missing out on and this is amazing, congratulations!! Wishing you an easy, healthy and uneventful 9 months or actually 7 by now 😉


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