Beta #2: Results…

Beta #2 was this morning (18dp5dt) and just got the call back from my nurse. HCG is now at 5,180! (Yay for rising numbers!) They are looking for the numbers to double every 48-72 hours and mine more than doubled from my 1st beta so we are very happy with that. My progesterone is at 181 with is also great she said, I still need to be on my progesterone pessaries twice a day until I see my fertility doctor for our first ultrasound. (Only 2 weeks away!!!) So glad everything is moving in the right direction. Keep growing baby! 

6 thoughts on “Beta #2: Results…

    • So weird isn’t it. My 1st beat was at 11dp5dt haha. And then this 2nd one at 18dp5dt followed by one in a weeks time which will be 25dp5dt and then FINALLY an ultrasound at 7 weeks. I can’t wait.


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