I’m pregnant!?!

Tomorrow is my official beta test. I’m excited to see how my HCG levels are looking. I of course couldn’t help but take every single test I had in the house over the last 5 days (really bad POAS +pee on a stick+ addiction!) So first test I took on 3dp5dt was a huge negative, then 4dp5dt I could see the faintest little line…So here is my test progression picture. I did also used some blue dye tests (Clearblue and Crystal Clear) but they barely showed a line, yet I was getting very visible positives on these first response test, these are definitely my test of choice – and of course the most expensive…  

We also decided to do a Clearblue digital test on Saturday morning (7dp5dt) Jason had the honour of dipping it in my cup of pee haha…and I almost peed my pants when we came back to read the results. I just had a feeling my levels might have been too low to get a positive on the digital but there it was...I screamed and jumped with excitement. Still in awe of it all!  


We have only told mine and Jason’s family and very close friends, keeping it off Facebook etc until at least 12 weeks. I do share a lot about my journey on my Instagram account – but I only have a very small amount of people I know in real like on there, it’s more of a support place where I can talk and share with other mums and ladies undergoing fertility treatment. 

So because I’m crazy I did another digital yesterday afternoon and it went up to the 2-3 week reading – just proof that my HCG levels are still rising! I only have 1 more test left in the house, another Clearblue digital – but I’m saving that for a 3+ reading next week. No more peeing on sticks I promise!!! I think once the blood test comes back my urge to pee on sticks will subside haha. 

Thank you so very much for all of the well wishes and congrats – it has filled my heart with so much love and joy! I don’t know how I could have gotten through this crazy IVF journey without all of the support you wonderful ladies have shown me!!


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