Could this be it…?

So after the negative I got on 3dp5dt I swore I wasn’t going to test again until at least Saturday (which would have been 7dp5dt) but I woke up yesterday with a little bleeding when I wiped – nothing major but it scared the CRAP out of me! I thought it was over and my period was in its way. So I thought why the hell not just pee on a stick then…well this is what I saw!!!! A second line – a very very faint line. But a LINE none the less!  

The bleeding had completely stopped after an hour, it was only ever a little amount when I wiped, nothing that required a panty liner etc. Not sure if it may have been implantation or from the progesterone pessaries. But I of course processed to do a few more tests lol….Could this be it? our BFP?!? I really really hope so. Won’t really feel at ease until our blood test next Wednesday though…

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