4 days into the wait…

The two week wait so far….

So today marks 4dp5dt! (aka:4 days past 5 day transfer) These days could literally not go any slower, it’s killing me! On monday I went out and stocked up on some pregnancy tests, We planned to test on saturday which will be 7dp5dt. But for some stupid, silly reason when Zach was at daycare and I was home alone yesterday I decided to just pee on a stick anyway. It was of course NEGATIVE! Come on Sarah what are you doing? I was only 3 days past transfer – The embryo would have only been implanting at that stage and no hcg would even be released yet. But this just goes to show I can not be trusted around pregnancy tests. I think it’s also just exciting because for once I ACTUALLY have a reason to pee on a test. I actually have a chance! I wanna hold on to this hope for as long as I can! So I’ve learnt my lesson – Sarah you will NOT pee on a stick again until saturday morning. Symptom wise I haven’t really had anything at all, not too reassuring…a few little twinges on my left ovary side but thats about it. (not that that is even a pregnancy sign/symptom anyway lol)


I also got the call on monday to let us know how many of our 8 left over embryos make it to freeze. We got 9 eggs collected at egg collection, all 9 fertilised and grew perfectly to 5 day blastocysts, 1 beautiul embryo was transferred at 5 days and 4 ended up making it to freeze. We lost 4. Getting 4 into the freezer is amazing and we are so so happy and thankful but I still can’t help but feel a little sad about the 4 we lost. It’s all just part of this journey I guess. It never gets easier…I just pray this little embryo inside me sticks! I’ve never wanted anything more in my life. We have the picture of our embryo our IVF scientist gave us up on our fridge and I find myself looking at it so much during the day. I even talk to it and tell it to hang on in there…please please please hang on.


Little updates:

– Got our Medicare care rebate back today, our refund ended up being $5,600.00, So in the end we paid $7,882.00 out of pocket for this cycle.

– I’ll be going back to work next week after having 3 weeks off to just relax and take this journey in.

– Blood test is 1 week away now

talk to you soon…



7 thoughts on “4 days into the wait…

  1. I know how it feels! I bought 50 test strips on Amazon! Be careful with those test. The digital doesn’t pick up a beta that’s less than 50. I started testing positive 5dpFET. Good luck to you! I have my fingers and toes crossed!


    • Thanks so much hun xxx God I just want this to work so bad 🙏 I’ll probably save the digital one for if I get a positive on the strip ones, they are too expensive to waste haha.


      • Yeah tell me about it! I’ve had infertility issues for 6 years…this is my 4th pregnancy and I only have had 1 birth. I’m amazed IVF worked first round. I’ve prayed for years for this. Stay positive!


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