Transfer day is here…

So it’s finally here. Transfer day!!! Probably the most nerve racking day out of this whole journey so far. Woke up this morning at 7am, Zach jumped into bed and gave us our morning hugs (then proceeded to roll around the bed with Maple…the dog lol) I was told to empty my bladder at about 8:15am and then drink 3 glasses of water and then just hold it until after the transfer. Ugh my bladder hates me since having Zach, this was definitely not a highlight of my day. My mother came around to watch Zach for us while we headed to our appointment. Off we went…I was a nervous mess and so was Jason. Our transfer appointment was at 9:15am and we arrived at about 9:00am. Our nurse went through some paper work with us,  gave us a little print out on ‘coping with the anxiety of waiting for a pregnancy test’ – ugh I was already having anxiety just reading the title lol. She also gave us our Pathology form for our pregnancy blood test which will be done on September 2nd! 11 days from now we will know if our little bean holds on for dear life! (If I don’t cave and do a pregnancy test before then of course…I’ll try and be strong though!) So after all that was done it was go time…


Our doctor was just as funny as always, it’s good that we can have a laugh with him and the nurses and not just have it all feel so ‘business’ like. So the scientist that was looking after our little embryos went over a few things with us. First she gave us a print out of our little embryo that was getting transferred and pointed out the different parts/sections etc. It was all so interesting. I’ll share the picture with you all. See the very bottom little cluster? That is what will (hopefully) form into the baby and the rest will all form into the placenta. Argh it’s just all so amazing. She told us that it was a perfect looking embryo. She also said that they will be freezing the rest today and by monday we will have a confirmed number of how many made it to the freeze stage. We are very excited to find out!


Now it was ‘lets get pregnant time!’ I undressed from the waist down and jumped up onto the bed. The nurse was in charge of the ultrasound machine that would show us the little embryo being put into place. The doctor got out the oh so fun Speculums and it was go time. He inserted a small catheter all the way up into my cervix and then the scientist loaded up the syringe with our little embryo and we actually got to watch the ultrasound screen as it was pushed through the catheter and into my uterus. It was this tiny little white speck…it was amazing! They then waited about a minute before removing the catheter and then the scientist checked the syringe under the microscope to make sure it wasn’t caught or anything (standard procedure) and that was it! All done!


Now I have just been resting up at home this afternoon while Jason had taken Zach to the footy with his cousins. I picked up some ‘implantation’ foods as well. Sure they are most likely old wives tales, but hey it won’t hurt to give them a go anyway right? So I’ve got myself some Pineapple core, Brazil nuts & Pomegranate juice! Now bring on September! Thanks for reading xxx


11 thoughts on “Transfer day is here…

  1. Ohhhh so happy for you. Hopefully you’ve got a little baby that sticks 🙂 I’ll also be stocking up on Brazil nuts & pineapple…. Good to know that you shouldn’t eat too much because I didn’t know that! Here’s to the next 2 weeks or so x


  2. omg how exciting!! I just tried the pineapple core this month – not the best lol I think we might need to start saving for an IVF so these posts have been really helpful. also your hair! 👌👌👌


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