Egg Collection Recovery and Embryo Update…


Well I haven’t posted an update on our little embryos on here yet. I have on Instagram but if you don’t follow me over there then I’ve left you in the dark for a little while. So I thought I’d post an update as well as how my recovery is going after my egg collection. So… lets start with egg collection recovery, I had my collection on Monday (17th August) and went home afterwards feeling quite good. Had a few little cramps and tenderness but I slept it off that afternoon. Come Tuesday morning when I got up to get Zach ready for daycare I was instantly in pain, just felt off and like I was really really full/bloated. So after I got home from dropping Zach off I went straight back to bed with my heat pack and rested. In fact I literately spent the WHOLE day in bed, constantly just rewarming up my heat pack (seriously if you have egg collection coming up, I strongly urge you to get a heat pack!). It was the only thing making me feel better. I decided not to have any painkillers just because I felt like the pain wasn’t THAT bad. And I just don’t like the idea of having extra unneeded drugs in my system. Come Wednesday I still felt off, kind of like bad period pain and again just that full/bloated feeling. My stomach had ballooned up. I felt and looked about 4 months pregnant, then this morning I work up not too bad (thank god!) the tenderness/pains have gone and just feeling a little bloated but not as bad as the last few days. So finally feel like I’m getting back to normal. Which is a welcomed feeling. So then on Tuesday night I had to start my progesterone pessaries (oh joy) they have been going fine (I have to take one in the morning and on in the evening) but last night after I inserted it I had a few little pains down there, I don’t really know how to explain it. Maybe like a little pressure pain? Is that weird? Same thing happened again this morning after I inserted my morning dose. It’s not horrible or anything just a little uncomfortable for about 10 mins or so. Hopefully it gets a little better once my body is use to it. Anyone else experienced something similar?


Ok so lets get to them embryos! Last update I gave on here was that all 9 of our eggs fertilised perfectly and were going strong (Tuesdays update from the lab). Well I rang up on Wednesday to check up on our little embryos and the nurse let me know that once again all 9 were going strong and the cells had divided perfectly overnight. We now had 9 perfect little 2-4 cell embryos. Then I of course rang up again this morning for an update (keep in mind my nurse said feel free to ring up everyday for an update haha) Again today she let me know that all 9 were still going strong and they were all now 6-8 cells. She said that 1 embryo did have very mild fragmentation, but it was not bad and nothing to worry about at all.

Whats fragmentation…? Fragmentation is described as: When the embryo cells divide, little pieces can sometimes break off. They assess each embryo as having nil, mild, moderate or severe fragmentation. Embryos with higher fragmentation will sometimes have lower implantation rate.

So all in all everything seems to be progressing along smoothly. I’m so happy that all our little embryos seem to be fighters. So interested to see how many make it all the way to day5/day 6 for freezing. My nurse was a little busy today so she didn’t have a chance to sort out the exact time I will be having my transfer on Saturday. But she said by lunchtime tomorrow she will have a time set for us. I am so excited for Saturday and can’t wait to have one of our little embryo babies inside me safe and sound and at home. I hope i’ll have the pleasure of being it’s home for the next 9 months! Thanks so much for all the support and well wishes from all you ladies, it means so much to Jason and I. Until next time… (most likely my transfer update…EEEKKK!!) Thanks so much for reading…

Sarah xxx

8 thoughts on “Egg Collection Recovery and Embryo Update…

  1. I started the progesterone pessaries on Monday. I have had similar cramps and just when my bloating from retrieval was going away it started up again (though much milder) I have also had tender breasts… thank you progesterone. Thoughts and prayers over the next couple of days. I go in today for my transfer!!

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    • My breasts have been fine, just this damn bloating and cramps lol. Things we’ll put our bodies through for a baby 💕🙏 Best of luck with your transfer hun, sending lots of baby dust your way xx 🍀


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