The price of infertility: Part 3…


A while back I posted a blog covering the cost of our IUI process we did back in June. I’ll leave Part 1 and Part 2 here for anyone interested in having a read through through them. Well I thought I would do an update on the cost of our IVF journey as well. I hope this helps other couples going through similar situations and to help people get an idea of the costing involved etc. Of course not everyones treatment cost is going to be the same, it all varies with your background, medications required, your doctors and chosen fertility clinic etc.

It all started with a new fresh meeting with our fertility doctor after finding out that our IUI cycle in June was a bust. After discussing with him we decided that IVF was the way to go and that IUI was no longer our best option. We have already reached the Medicare Safety Net here in Australia which means that we will get a fairly good rebate back once the cycle has finished up. We won’t receive any rebate claims until after our cycle is finish (aka the embryo transfer is complete) So one I have those figures I’ll update you all again with those. But here is out out of pocket up front IVF costs to date:


1st IVF ‘down payment’ to our clinic (covers our cycle planning/management our future doctor meetings, ultrasounds, blood tests, donor sperm, ICSI, washing of sperm, egg collection, transfer etc) this first half of the payment had to be done before our drug collection from the pharmacy.


Once that payment was received we got our pharmacy receipt to pick up our drugs. Our drugs here in Australia are subsidised by the Australian Government which means we only have to pay the standard $37.70 per drug which is what the pharmacy pays for the drug from there supplier and the government covers the rest, so basically we just rebate the pharmacy there cost.

Our drugs would have set us back $1,888.27 but we ended up only having to pay


2nd IVF payment to our clinic (covers our cycle planning/management our future doctor meetings, ultrasounds, blood tests, donor sperm, ICSI, washing of sperm, egg collection, transfer etc) this second payment had to be received before egg collection.


Anaesthetic: Day before egg collection we had to pay our anaesthetic


Day Surgery Fee: The morning we arrived for our egg collection we had to pay our ‘hospital bed’ fee – this cost actually blew my mind, had no idea it was so much.


So we have officially made all payments for our IVF cycle and it was set us back a grand total of:


Once we have our rebates back from medicare I’ll update this post with how much we were rebated. Hope this was interesting and a bit of an insight into the world of infertility. Thanks for reading.


9 thoughts on “The price of infertility: Part 3…

  1. That’s ridiculous! I cannot believe the amount of money it costs!
    I hope you don’t mind me asking but, how on earth to you manage to afford it? If I had to go for Ivf, I would NEVER, be able to afford it. Never, ever.


  2. oh my gosh this is so helpful- I know prices vary but just to get an idea of what the fees could look like and what we would need to expect to pay for. Thank you so much ❤ ❤ ❤ Hope the IVF journey is going well so far 🙂 I'm in my DREADED 2ww…


  3. Im in the states, and I know there’s a difference with currency, but my insurance covered all of the IVF (except for the medication, which ran me over $1000.00) I paid a fee of $950 up front to the office and $400 to be put to sleep. My insurance covered over $7754.00. I really haven’t added it up, but it is a lot!


    • That’s really good that your insurance covered most of it, I’ve heard of some ladies over in the states who’s insurance cover everything but ivf which really sucks. We don’t have private health insurance just the standard Medicare cover that all Australia’s are entitled to. I’m interested to see what our rebate will be.


  4. Wow, I’m on the other side of this as in I’m in the UK. We have NHS and we are lucky to be given one cycle on the NHS, but if that fails we have to pay and have no other chance.
    If our cycle doesn’t work, we are looking at a cost of at least £9,000 for our donor egg cycle! I think that’s about 19,000 Australian dollars?

    Whatever country you’re in, it really is crazy how much we get charged for wanting to build our family and fulfill our dreams. I’m so grateful that here in the UK we have the NHS. I’m so hoping those little embies are doing well for you xx


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