Egg collection is done…! 

The day has finally arrived. Egg collection is here. We got up super early (5.50am) for a 7am check in at the day surgery. Jason had the day off work so he was my ‘carer’ for the day. I don’t know how it is in other towns/states/countries but Jason wasn’t allowed in the room while the eggs were collected. I remember watching some YouTube vlogs where the husbands etc were allowed in so I was a little bummed – but then again I was fast asleep during it all so I guess it wouldn’t have matter either way.

We arrived at the day surgery just before 7am signed some more consent forms and payed the $1,060.00 for the ‘hospital bed’ – damnn. I was in that bed maybe an hour total. That’s one expensive ‘nap’ lol.

Kissed Jason goodbye and off I went.  I got my blood pressure checked and my temperature then changed into the lovely hospital gown, little foot covers and hair net. I was styling haha. Had my IV inserted for the anaesthetic. Right on 8am I walked into theatre I was surround by nurses and my doctor, asked what my name and date of birth was about 10 times lol, and then up on the bed I got. I was asleep within seconds of getting the IV connected up. The procedure took a total of about 30 mins. I woke up in recovery with a nurse say ‘Hello Sarah you can wake up now’ – it was such a nice sleep I didn’t want to wake up lol.

 (Rocking the gown and bootie covers lol)

Woke up with some pain/tenderness and pressure on my back and both lower front sides. Kind of like bad period pain. The nurse asked how I was feeling and told me they got 9 eggs, then for some reason I started to cry. I don’t know if it’s because I was hoping for more eggs or because I was still loopy from the anaesthetic, but I know I should be happy with 9. 9 is a good number. Jason and I were married in the 9th month of the year. Our anniversary is on the 9th, 9 is a magic number! We love 9! I think its a good omen!


It was just after 9am when I got dressed back into my clothes and taken to the seated recovery area, nice big comfortable recliner chairs. Because of the pain I was feeling they left my IV in for extra fluids. They gave me some juice and something to eat and just left me to relax and recover.

Jason showed up a little after I got to recovery. Our IVF nurse Judy then came to have a chat with me and let me know that they got 9 eggs and that we can call after 10am tomorrow morning for an update with how fertilisation is looking. Let me tell you 10am can not come soon enough. I’m praying all our eggies hold on.

After about 2 hours in recovery (they wanted the WHOLE bag of IV fluids to get into me) we were free to leave. We headed to the pharmacy to pick up a heat pack (a real life saver for the pain!) and my prescription for my progesterone pessary. I will need to start taking them tomorrow night.

Spent 4 hours napping this afternoon and feeling a lot better now. Jason took Zach out for the afternoon and cooked up a yummy Shepherd’s Pie with Sweet Potato Mash for dinner. What a champ. What would I do without that man! Still a little tender but the light bleeding has now stopped. I am so excited to see how our little eggies are going tomorrow! Grow babies grow. I will be sure to keep you all updated with how they are going. Please send us luck and good vibes for our eggiest. Thanks for reading… xxx

 (heading into the day surgery bright and early)

11 thoughts on “Egg collection is done…! 

  1. 9 is awesome and your lucky number! At our clinic my hubby gets to come in but finds it a bit traumatic, I think it is a that you are asleep and they are helpless so maybe not having that option is s good thing! Sending lots of good vibes your way xxx

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  2. 9 eggs is a great number! I know how you feel though, our first cycle we got 11 eggs/10 mature/8 fertilised and then the second cycle only 7 eggs/5 mature but 5 fertilised. I remember feeling so disappointed when i found out we had only 7 eggs but really it is the quality not the quantity. The best thing is that you know that you can get pregnant, just need those precious little embryos to put back in there. I have a feeling it will all work out textbook and perfect for you. Can’t wait for the fert update. Goodluck and thinking of you!! x

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    • Another lady who was in getting her collection done got 36 – I guess I can’t help but compare. But it’s vey true about quality not quantity. Hoping ours are little fighters. Thanks so much for the support hun xx


      • Both my doctors that I’ve been to have said that quality goes down drastically if you have more than 15 eggs. Remember that most likely that lady that got 36; she might have PCOS and a lot of them are likely to be immature as well. 😦 I do know how you feel though it’s frustrating when you hear of some ladies getting bloody heaps and you’re feeling a bit disappointed. 😦 especially because in the start you were told you’d be getting quite a few due to your reaction to the stims. I still think 9 is a great number and sign from the universe too! 🙂 good luck with fertilisation report today. Will be refreshing often to check hehe. X


  3. I’m so excited for you. I love reading your blog. It’s like I’m going through the process all over again! I know that we don’t know each other at all and this may sound weird, but I think of you daily. I remember the feelings your having like it was yesterday. Prayers to you and your family! Good luck!

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