Egg collection, here we come…

This morning I had my 3rd lot of bloods taken. I thought it was going to be my last (at least until the blood pregnancy test after transfer) – but my IVF nurse just rang and said I have another to do tomorrow morning. That’s a total of 4 blood tests in 6 days – my poor veins haha. We had our last follicle ultrasound with our doctor this morning as well and things are looking great. All ready for egg collection Monday morning. My left ovary had about 4 good follicles with a bunch of smaller ones and my right ovary had about 5 good follicles with a bunch of smaller ones. Both sides also had a few follicles that were measuring too big so they most likely won’t be good to use which I’m kind of bummed about. But it’s quality over quantity, it only takes one! 

 (<- my left ovary & -> my right)

I got the phone call from the day surgery to go ahead and proceed with payment, another $711.00 for the anesthesia. So that’s all done and ready to go. Feels so real now. I’m getting so nervous already and it’s still a few days away. My IVF nurse also rang with all the information and steps for the next few days…

Here’s this weekends timeline:

Friday night – last Puregon 100IU shot at 7:30pm
Saturday morning – blood test 7:30am
Saturday morning – last Orgalutran shot at 8:30am
Saturday night – trigger shot injection (Ovidrel) at 8:00pm
Sunday – medication break – no needles!!! CELEBRATE! haha
Sunday night – fasting from midnight – no food or water until after surgery.
Monday morning – Have to be at the day surgery at 7:00am and surgery is to start at 8:00am

I have a feeling this weekend is going to fly by! I’m so excited to see how many eggs we get. Zach is sleeping over his grandparents house Sunday night so we will be relaxing and staying calm and positive sunday night, and will be all set to head off bright and early Monday morning.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend



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