Second round of bloods…

Went in bright and early for my second round of blood tests this morning and got my results from the nurse just after lunch time. Everything is looking good and the estrogen levels are looking much better after dropping down my Puregon injections to 125IU. The next 2 nights of Puregon will be dropped down to 100IU. Then on Friday morning I’ll have a second monitoring ultrasound to check on them follicles and a third blood test. My IVF nurse is pretty confident that we will be doing the egg collection on Monday morning. Arghhh! I’m hoping everything stays on track and it all goes smoothly. So excited and nervous. It’s really happening!   

My morning Orgalutran shots have been a walk in the park, the first one was bad but the 2nd and 3rd have been fine. In the last 6 days I’ve been stabbed 9 times with a needles. I’m certainly over any ‘needle phobia’ I might have had haha. Thanks for reading and I’ll update with how my meeting with my doctor and ultrasound/blood work goes on Friday! Praying my follicles are doing their thing.


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