Blood results and monitoring ultrasound…


  So this morning I went in to get my blood taken for my first round of blood tests, I went in at 7:30am the earlier the better the clinic said so that my doctor would have the results by the time we headed in for our monitoring ultrasound at lunchtime. When I got back from that first morning appointment I had to do my first morning injection of Orgalutran. I was so nervous and my hands were so clammy. The needle on the Orgalutran injection is about 4 times thicker than the one on the Puregon so I wasn’t looking forward to it at all. Finally I build up the courage and did it. It absolutely stung, with the Puregon I literally feel nothing but this one you defiantly can. Pulling the needle out after the injection was completely was horrible. Another 6 days to go of it. Eeek. Instantly after the injection I got a huge red welt and it looked like an insect had bitten me, oh and it was itchy! So so so itchy. I think now I know what to expect tomorrow it shouldn’t be so bad.

    So fast forward to lunch time, time to meet with our fertility doctor and review my blood results and have a little look at how my follicles are going. Well….lets just say I’m responding really really well. Maybe a little too well.

So straight away the doctor let me know that my estrogen levels were too high for only being on day 5 of injections. They are already at over 2000. So he wanted to go ahead and check my follicles before deciding on what to do with my dose ect. So the monitoring ultrasound showed that my right ovary has about 10 follicles with 2 already measuring 11mm – at his stage he only wants them to be about 7-8mm and my left ovary had about 8, biggest was about 11mm I’m pretty sure. I’m pretty amazed that my left ovary had so many as it only had like 2 very very small ones during our IUI cycle in June. So he basically said that my body is responding really really well to the drugs and my dose will have to be taken down. So tonight I will be having 125 IU of Puregon instead of my original 150 IU. I will also do 125 IU on Tuesday night then back in for a 2nd blood test on Wednesday morning, then a 3rd blood test for Friday morning and a 2nd ultrasound. He thinks I’ll most likely be taken down to 100 IU on Wednesday. With the way things are going egg retrial will most likely be done on Monday morning and it’s looking like I’ll have at least at 12 follicles/eggs to be collected. Then if things happen to not go to plan and my estrogen levels keep rising they will most likely cancel my cycle because the risk of getting OHSS (ovarian hyerstimulation syndrome) will be too great. So basically I’m praying that taking my dose down will help even out my levels and everything will be good to go. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

here’s my left ovary – you can see about 7 of the 8 follicles


8 thoughts on “Blood results and monitoring ultrasound…

  1. fingers crossed for you guys! really appreciate you posting this- really interesting and good to know in case we ever go down this road. We are in the middle of our second IUI cycle right now so we’ll see!


  2. Ahh how annoying is the orgalutran big bubble under the skin thing?! Used to frustrate me so much haha. Considering how easy the little pen needles are! So glad to hear the follicles are doing their thing properly! So exciting. can’t wait to hear about the next scan 🙂


    • This mornings Orgalutran wasn’t as bad as yesterday’s. Thank god. I’m excited to see how the next lot of bloods come back. Hoping my levels even out and don’t get too high.


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