Day four of injections…

Day four of injections are done and dusted. Tomorrow I also start a morning injection of Orgalutran as well. This shot is the scary one I think, the needle is thicker and I’ve heard it stings a little more, but once I get day 1 over with the rest of the days should be a breeze. Over the last few days I’ve been putting a little bandaid on my injection site every night and in the morning Zach will come up to me and lift my shirt up and say ‘sore mummy, I kiss‘ then gives me a soft little kiss on the bandaid – it is the sweetest thing!! Man I just love that kid. 

Tomorrow I have my first lot of bloods done and my monitoring ultrasound to check to see how I’m responding to the medications and if doses need adjusting etc. I’m really excited to see how things are moving along. It’s mind blowing to think we could potentially be having our egg retrial a little over a week from today! So much excitement in the coming week…
21 day fertility diet:


A fertility smoothie with banana, mango and strawberries. Also added maca powder and a super greens supplement powder.  



Bliss balls. Just finished this batch off today and made a new batch. This time I added salted caramel protein powder, the flavours work pretty well together. 


I made us some chicken and salad burgers. Packed with avocado, carrot, spinach and tomatoes, all on a yummy wholemeal 4 grain bun. With a huge glass of lemon water. 



Dinner was naughty. Zach was feeling unwell this afternoon and has a tummy bug I’m pretty sure. He has done a fair few runny poops and has a little temp so he had an early shower and was passed out by 6:30pm. We ended up ordering pizza. It was pretty yummy. No regrets lol. 


Wish me luck with my new injection tomorrow, I’m secretly crapping my hands a little about it haha.


6 thoughts on “Day four of injections…

  1. Good luck!!! I promise it stings only for a little bit and not too much different. You will smash it and be jabbing your guts with no probs at all. Just think of where it’s getting you and the exciting next stage of Egg collection – yay!! 😊👍 good luck, strength and positive vibes to you xx


  2. I always have a chuckle at the names of these medications, orgalutran sounds like something out of Jurassic Park! I hope it’s side effects aren’t going to turn you into a dinosaur!
    Grow follies, grow!


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