Not so happy saturday…?

Happy Saturday! The weekend is here…


So this morning started out great. Having a great time with Zach, playing and eating breakfast and then BAM just like that I was in a shitty grumpy hormonal mood. It just came out of nowhere. As soon as Jason got home from work, I was just shitty. Everything he did made me wanna scream…Taking my mood swings out on Jason is horrible and I felt so bad once I had calmed down. Has anyone else had mood swings from taking Puregon? I did some research and couldn’t really find much on mood swings as a side effect, maybe just mild ones at the worst. But this was pretty bad. I didn’t like it. 3 days down, 6 more to go (if all goes to plan!) Other than that little hiccup at the start of our day the rest went on to be quite enjoyable. We went to visit some kangaroos and crocodiles at a local animal sanctuary. Then Zach’s cousins visited and had a afternoon play at our place. Staying positive and trying to not let the mood swings take over…


21 Day Fertility Diet:


Apple and cinnamon oats with strawberries, big glass of water and my daily vitamins.



Egg and lettuce sandwich from the animal sanctuary while we were out and about. (no picture) and a smoothie!



Chicken and cheese burger (no picture – I’m a slacker!)

3 thoughts on “Not so happy saturday…?

  1. Me too, I was sort of a bit down. It passes when you stop taking the drugs!

    On another note, I like your pics! I really need to try and eat a bit more healthily! 🙂


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