Taking time off…

So I have the next 3 weeks off work. I’m so happy I won’t have to stress about fitting in multiple blood tests and ultrasounds into a working week and then egg retrieval and possible fresh transfer. I knew I wanted a few days off over the egg retrieval date just to help relax and rest up afterwards. So I’m glad I was able to get the time off. Now I can concentrate and focus 100% on our IVF journey. Plus more park trips, beach days and fun with Zach during the week! Oh and a few little projects I want to complete around the house. I’ve already deep cleaned and rearranged the kitchen. Yay!!!

Now my 21 day fertility diet has kind of gone out the window the last few days, but I’m picking it back up again and swinging into gear! Now is the most important time to be getting all those good fats and nutrients into my body. Back to drinking tons of water and cutting out caffeine. Lots of salads, lean meats and my fave – AVOCADO!!!


Tonight was my 2nd night of 150iu Puregon injection, it went smoothly. I’m surprised how at ease I am with jabbing myself with a needle haha. Tonight’s did sting a little more than yesterday’s – but I think I just injected it a little faster than last nights as well.


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