Our IVF Journey Has Begun…


  Tuesday evening we had our ‘IVF Beginners’ class with our fertility nurse and a few other couples – it was an interesting night. It went over all the up coming events during our IVF cycle, step by step, what could potentially go wrong, the chances of a cancelled cycle, Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome etc. We then had our one on one meeting with our nurse yesterday afternoon to go over my planner and have our injection lessons. It all went smoothly and I feel pretty confident with the upcoming injections.


  Today was officially day one of shots. I am on Puregon 150 every evening at 7:30pm (will continue until the 16th depending on blood test results etc) and this coming Monday I also start a morning shot of Orgalutran 250mcg at 8:30am for about 6 days. So today’s first shot went well. I felt relaxed and ready. I think doing the ovidrel trigger shot during our IUI cycle in June has put my needle nerves at ease. I’m actually excited about them…if it’s what gets us a baby, hell give me 10 needles a day! On Monday I also have my first blood test and monitoring ultrasound. Come on body, do your thing and grow us lots of beautiful follicles.


  I also learnt that we will be doing a ICSI IVF, ICSI is where they take a single sperm and inject it into the egg vs ‘standard’ IVF where they place 20,000 sperm in with a egg and let nature do what it does. ICSI is the only option for frozen sperm as once it has been frozen the mobility isn’t as great as fresh sperm.

Wish us luck! I’ll update with how my blood test and ultrasound comes back.


9 thoughts on “Our IVF Journey Has Begun…

  1. Good luck!!! As a 3 time IVFer, I think its awesome that they sat down with u ahead of time and told you all the things that could possibly go wrong. It shows they are very realistic and not sugar coaters. Ours never did and we found out the hard way. Best wishes!!


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