Busy weekend…

Been MIA the last week, working a lot and spent the weekend helping my best friend bake cupcakes for a charity fundraiser. (RSPCA’s Cupcake Day!) About 1000 cupcakes baked, decorated and sold! Up until midnight finishing them up and up again at 5am to head to the market stall to sell them! 


Tomorrow night we have a ‘IVF Beginers‘ class with a few other couples that are starting their IVF journeys. I’m really excited to see exactly what’s coming up with our cycle/how everything’s going to work. Also made our first payment to our clinic and will be picking up my medications either tomorrow or Wednesday. So nervous and excited! Took my last birth control pill on Sarurday – now just waiting for Aunt Flow to arrive.   Having our injection/shot lesson Wednesday afternoon and should be starting them on Thursday…depending on when period decides to arrive (hopefully tomorrow, but I’m thinking it’ll be the day after)

Sorry my 21 day fertility diet posts weren’t consistent, but I’ll be back tomorrow to post again!

Oh and I dyed my hair….kind of out there but…yolo….? Or are the kids not saying yolo anymore?! Lol.

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