Could this be it…?

So after the negative I got on 3dp5dt I swore I wasn’t going to test again until at least Saturday (which would have been 7dp5dt) but I woke up yesterday with a little bleeding when I wiped – nothing major but it scared the CRAP out of me! I thought it was over and my period was in its way. So I thought why the hell not just pee on a stick then…well this is what I saw!!!! A second line – a very very faint line. But a LINE none the less!  

The bleeding had completely stopped after an hour, it was only ever a little amount when I wiped, nothing that required a panty liner etc. Not sure if it may have been implantation or from the progesterone pessaries. But I of course processed to do a few more tests lol….Could this be it? our BFP?!? I really really hope so. Won’t really feel at ease until our blood test next Wednesday though…

4 days into the wait…

The two week wait so far….

So today marks 4dp5dt! (aka:4 days past 5 day transfer) These days could literally not go any slower, it’s killing me! On monday I went out and stocked up on some pregnancy tests, We planned to test on saturday which will be 7dp5dt. But for some stupid, silly reason when Zach was at daycare and I was home alone yesterday I decided to just pee on a stick anyway. It was of course NEGATIVE! Come on Sarah what are you doing? I was only 3 days past transfer – The embryo would have only been implanting at that stage and no hcg would even be released yet. But this just goes to show I can not be trusted around pregnancy tests. I think it’s also just exciting because for once I ACTUALLY have a reason to pee on a test. I actually have a chance! I wanna hold on to this hope for as long as I can! So I’ve learnt my lesson – Sarah you will NOT pee on a stick again until saturday morning. Symptom wise I haven’t really had anything at all, not too reassuring…a few little twinges on my left ovary side but thats about it. (not that that is even a pregnancy sign/symptom anyway lol)


I also got the call on monday to let us know how many of our 8 left over embryos make it to freeze. We got 9 eggs collected at egg collection, all 9 fertilised and grew perfectly to 5 day blastocysts, 1 beautiul embryo was transferred at 5 days and 4 ended up making it to freeze. We lost 4. Getting 4 into the freezer is amazing and we are so so happy and thankful but I still can’t help but feel a little sad about the 4 we lost. It’s all just part of this journey I guess. It never gets easier…I just pray this little embryo inside me sticks! I’ve never wanted anything more in my life. We have the picture of our embryo our IVF scientist gave us up on our fridge and I find myself looking at it so much during the day. I even talk to it and tell it to hang on in there…please please please hang on.


Little updates:

– Got our Medicare care rebate back today, our refund ended up being $5,600.00, So in the end we paid $7,882.00 out of pocket for this cycle.

– I’ll be going back to work next week after having 3 weeks off to just relax and take this journey in.

– Blood test is 1 week away now

talk to you soon…


Transfer day is here…

So it’s finally here. Transfer day!!! Probably the most nerve racking day out of this whole journey so far. Woke up this morning at 7am, Zach jumped into bed and gave us our morning hugs (then proceeded to roll around the bed with Maple…the dog lol) I was told to empty my bladder at about 8:15am and then drink 3 glasses of water and then just hold it until after the transfer. Ugh my bladder hates me since having Zach, this was definitely not a highlight of my day. My mother came around to watch Zach for us while we headed to our appointment. Off we went…I was a nervous mess and so was Jason. Our transfer appointment was at 9:15am and we arrived at about 9:00am. Our nurse went through some paper work with us,  gave us a little print out on ‘coping with the anxiety of waiting for a pregnancy test’ – ugh I was already having anxiety just reading the title lol. She also gave us our Pathology form for our pregnancy blood test which will be done on September 2nd! 11 days from now we will know if our little bean holds on for dear life! (If I don’t cave and do a pregnancy test before then of course…I’ll try and be strong though!) So after all that was done it was go time…


Our doctor was just as funny as always, it’s good that we can have a laugh with him and the nurses and not just have it all feel so ‘business’ like. So the scientist that was looking after our little embryos went over a few things with us. First she gave us a print out of our little embryo that was getting transferred and pointed out the different parts/sections etc. It was all so interesting. I’ll share the picture with you all. See the very bottom little cluster? That is what will (hopefully) form into the baby and the rest will all form into the placenta. Argh it’s just all so amazing. She told us that it was a perfect looking embryo. She also said that they will be freezing the rest today and by monday we will have a confirmed number of how many made it to the freeze stage. We are very excited to find out!


Now it was ‘lets get pregnant time!’ I undressed from the waist down and jumped up onto the bed. The nurse was in charge of the ultrasound machine that would show us the little embryo being put into place. The doctor got out the oh so fun Speculums and it was go time. He inserted a small catheter all the way up into my cervix and then the scientist loaded up the syringe with our little embryo and we actually got to watch the ultrasound screen as it was pushed through the catheter and into my uterus. It was this tiny little white speck…it was amazing! They then waited about a minute before removing the catheter and then the scientist checked the syringe under the microscope to make sure it wasn’t caught or anything (standard procedure) and that was it! All done!


Now I have just been resting up at home this afternoon while Jason had taken Zach to the footy with his cousins. I picked up some ‘implantation’ foods as well. Sure they are most likely old wives tales, but hey it won’t hurt to give them a go anyway right? So I’ve got myself some Pineapple core, Brazil nuts & Pomegranate juice! Now bring on September! Thanks for reading xxx


Egg Collection Recovery and Embryo Update…


Well I haven’t posted an update on our little embryos on here yet. I have on Instagram but if you don’t follow me over there then I’ve left you in the dark for a little while. So I thought I’d post an update as well as how my recovery is going after my egg collection. So… lets start with egg collection recovery, I had my collection on Monday (17th August) and went home afterwards feeling quite good. Had a few little cramps and tenderness but I slept it off that afternoon. Come Tuesday morning when I got up to get Zach ready for daycare I was instantly in pain, just felt off and like I was really really full/bloated. So after I got home from dropping Zach off I went straight back to bed with my heat pack and rested. In fact I literately spent the WHOLE day in bed, constantly just rewarming up my heat pack (seriously if you have egg collection coming up, I strongly urge you to get a heat pack!). It was the only thing making me feel better. I decided not to have any painkillers just because I felt like the pain wasn’t THAT bad. And I just don’t like the idea of having extra unneeded drugs in my system. Come Wednesday I still felt off, kind of like bad period pain and again just that full/bloated feeling. My stomach had ballooned up. I felt and looked about 4 months pregnant, then this morning I work up not too bad (thank god!) the tenderness/pains have gone and just feeling a little bloated but not as bad as the last few days. So finally feel like I’m getting back to normal. Which is a welcomed feeling. So then on Tuesday night I had to start my progesterone pessaries (oh joy) they have been going fine (I have to take one in the morning and on in the evening) but last night after I inserted it I had a few little pains down there, I don’t really know how to explain it. Maybe like a little pressure pain? Is that weird? Same thing happened again this morning after I inserted my morning dose. It’s not horrible or anything just a little uncomfortable for about 10 mins or so. Hopefully it gets a little better once my body is use to it. Anyone else experienced something similar?


Ok so lets get to them embryos! Last update I gave on here was that all 9 of our eggs fertilised perfectly and were going strong (Tuesdays update from the lab). Well I rang up on Wednesday to check up on our little embryos and the nurse let me know that once again all 9 were going strong and the cells had divided perfectly overnight. We now had 9 perfect little 2-4 cell embryos. Then I of course rang up again this morning for an update (keep in mind my nurse said feel free to ring up everyday for an update haha) Again today she let me know that all 9 were still going strong and they were all now 6-8 cells. She said that 1 embryo did have very mild fragmentation, but it was not bad and nothing to worry about at all.

Whats fragmentation…? Fragmentation is described as: When the embryo cells divide, little pieces can sometimes break off. They assess each embryo as having nil, mild, moderate or severe fragmentation. Embryos with higher fragmentation will sometimes have lower implantation rate.

So all in all everything seems to be progressing along smoothly. I’m so happy that all our little embryos seem to be fighters. So interested to see how many make it all the way to day5/day 6 for freezing. My nurse was a little busy today so she didn’t have a chance to sort out the exact time I will be having my transfer on Saturday. But she said by lunchtime tomorrow she will have a time set for us. I am so excited for Saturday and can’t wait to have one of our little embryo babies inside me safe and sound and at home. I hope i’ll have the pleasure of being it’s home for the next 9 months! Thanks so much for all the support and well wishes from all you ladies, it means so much to Jason and I. Until next time… (most likely my transfer update…EEEKKK!!) Thanks so much for reading…

Sarah xxx

The price of infertility: Part 3…


A while back I posted a blog covering the cost of our IUI process we did back in June. I’ll leave Part 1 and Part 2 here for anyone interested in having a read through through them. Well I thought I would do an update on the cost of our IVF journey as well. I hope this helps other couples going through similar situations and to help people get an idea of the costing involved etc. Of course not everyones treatment cost is going to be the same, it all varies with your background, medications required, your doctors and chosen fertility clinic etc.

It all started with a new fresh meeting with our fertility doctor after finding out that our IUI cycle in June was a bust. After discussing with him we decided that IVF was the way to go and that IUI was no longer our best option. We have already reached the Medicare Safety Net here in Australia which means that we will get a fairly good rebate back once the cycle has finished up. We won’t receive any rebate claims until after our cycle is finish (aka the embryo transfer is complete) So one I have those figures I’ll update you all again with those. But here is out out of pocket up front IVF costs to date:


1st IVF ‘down payment’ to our clinic (covers our cycle planning/management our future doctor meetings, ultrasounds, blood tests, donor sperm, ICSI, washing of sperm, egg collection, transfer etc) this first half of the payment had to be done before our drug collection from the pharmacy.


Once that payment was received we got our pharmacy receipt to pick up our drugs. Our drugs here in Australia are subsidised by the Australian Government which means we only have to pay the standard $37.70 per drug which is what the pharmacy pays for the drug from there supplier and the government covers the rest, so basically we just rebate the pharmacy there cost.

Our drugs would have set us back $1,888.27 but we ended up only having to pay


2nd IVF payment to our clinic (covers our cycle planning/management our future doctor meetings, ultrasounds, blood tests, donor sperm, ICSI, washing of sperm, egg collection, transfer etc) this second payment had to be received before egg collection.


Anaesthetic: Day before egg collection we had to pay our anaesthetic


Day Surgery Fee: The morning we arrived for our egg collection we had to pay our ‘hospital bed’ fee – this cost actually blew my mind, had no idea it was so much.


So we have officially made all payments for our IVF cycle and it was set us back a grand total of:


Once we have our rebates back from medicare I’ll update this post with how much we were rebated. Hope this was interesting and a bit of an insight into the world of infertility. Thanks for reading.


How many made it…?

I am beyond excited! I just got the phone call from our nurse. ALL 9 OF MY EGGS COLLECTED…. Fertilised!!! I burst out in happy tears. So so so happy and thankful and excited. It’s a good good day

Now fingers crossed they continue to grow into perfect little embryos. Fresh transfer is going to be Saturday morning if everything goes well. arghhhhhh!

Thanks for all the well wishes ladies, it means the world to me xxx


Egg collection is done…! 

The day has finally arrived. Egg collection is here. We got up super early (5.50am) for a 7am check in at the day surgery. Jason had the day off work so he was my ‘carer’ for the day. I don’t know how it is in other towns/states/countries but Jason wasn’t allowed in the room while the eggs were collected. I remember watching some YouTube vlogs where the husbands etc were allowed in so I was a little bummed – but then again I was fast asleep during it all so I guess it wouldn’t have matter either way.

We arrived at the day surgery just before 7am signed some more consent forms and payed the $1,060.00 for the ‘hospital bed’ – damnn. I was in that bed maybe an hour total. That’s one expensive ‘nap’ lol.

Kissed Jason goodbye and off I went.  I got my blood pressure checked and my temperature then changed into the lovely hospital gown, little foot covers and hair net. I was styling haha. Had my IV inserted for the anaesthetic. Right on 8am I walked into theatre I was surround by nurses and my doctor, asked what my name and date of birth was about 10 times lol, and then up on the bed I got. I was asleep within seconds of getting the IV connected up. The procedure took a total of about 30 mins. I woke up in recovery with a nurse say ‘Hello Sarah you can wake up now’ – it was such a nice sleep I didn’t want to wake up lol.

 (Rocking the gown and bootie covers lol)

Woke up with some pain/tenderness and pressure on my back and both lower front sides. Kind of like bad period pain. The nurse asked how I was feeling and told me they got 9 eggs, then for some reason I started to cry. I don’t know if it’s because I was hoping for more eggs or because I was still loopy from the anaesthetic, but I know I should be happy with 9. 9 is a good number. Jason and I were married in the 9th month of the year. Our anniversary is on the 9th, 9 is a magic number! We love 9! I think its a good omen!


It was just after 9am when I got dressed back into my clothes and taken to the seated recovery area, nice big comfortable recliner chairs. Because of the pain I was feeling they left my IV in for extra fluids. They gave me some juice and something to eat and just left me to relax and recover.

Jason showed up a little after I got to recovery. Our IVF nurse Judy then came to have a chat with me and let me know that they got 9 eggs and that we can call after 10am tomorrow morning for an update with how fertilisation is looking. Let me tell you 10am can not come soon enough. I’m praying all our eggies hold on.

After about 2 hours in recovery (they wanted the WHOLE bag of IV fluids to get into me) we were free to leave. We headed to the pharmacy to pick up a heat pack (a real life saver for the pain!) and my prescription for my progesterone pessary. I will need to start taking them tomorrow night.

Spent 4 hours napping this afternoon and feeling a lot better now. Jason took Zach out for the afternoon and cooked up a yummy Shepherd’s Pie with Sweet Potato Mash for dinner. What a champ. What would I do without that man! Still a little tender but the light bleeding has now stopped. I am so excited to see how our little eggies are going tomorrow! Grow babies grow. I will be sure to keep you all updated with how they are going. Please send us luck and good vibes for our eggiest. Thanks for reading… xxx

 (heading into the day surgery bright and early)