Fertility Diet: Day 8…

Day #8

So only 5 days left taking my birth control pills! I’m so excited for August to get here already. Got a call from our fertility nurse and got some appointments moved around. We are now having our ‘IVF beginners’ info night (a little class with a few other couples about to start IVF) on the 4th and then on the 5th is our meeting to go over the shots/medications etc. So excited to get started. The countdown has officially begun. 

So for breakfast this morning I had my banan and strawberry overnight oats. Sprinkled with chia and flaxseeds for extra goodness. 


I made a batch of my homemade oven baked sweet potato fries, with a side of whipped avocado – because let’s be real I can’t go a day without avocado lol. Oh and how cute are my little chip baskets I picked up from work the other day. I’m a sucker for (kinda)useless kitchen items. 


Tried a new recipe tonight. Zucchini and sweet potato slice. With a yummy side salad and roasted cherry tomatoes. Very yummy!



One of the banana walnut mini loaves that I baked yesterday. Shared a bowl of strawberries with Zach after his nap and my usual fertility smoothie. 


One thought on “Fertility Diet: Day 8…

  1. I have been loving your posts! Also, been doing more reading on fertility diets. We were going to do another whole 30 next month, but I think I’m going to try this out and see how I feel. When I cut too much out I don’t get enough calories in the day. So, I’m thinking this will help with that!


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