Fertility Diet: Day 6…


Day #6

Happy Saturday! Today we took Zach bowling for the first time and he had a blast. We also went out for ice cream afterwards so that was my naughty treat for the day! Saturday’s are also our take a-way nights and we had enchiladas from GYG! They are always amazing! 


Bacon, sunny side up egg and toast. Jason had work this morning so Zach and I had a yummy hearty breakfast and lazed around the house watching cartoons. Is there anything better than bacon? Lol. 


I made chicken, cheese and avocado quesadillas for lunch, avocado again because it’s my favourite!



Our take a-way night was Chicken Enchiladas from GYG. They are amazing. Best Mexican place in town. I worked a short shift 5pm-8pm tonight so I picked these up on my way home. Currently in bed watching Dexter while Jason is snoring in my ear.



Sorry this was kind of a slack food journal post. Been a busy day! Ice cream pit stop with my boys!


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