Fertility Diet: Day 3…

Day #3


This morning I had a fertility smoothie for breakfast, I had no bananas again so I did a berry and mango smoothie. I also added my spirulina powder – the darkness of the berries and the super greeness from the spirulina made it a horrible almost brown/throw up looking colour. It wasn’t very appealing but it didn’t taste too bad. I didn’t snap a picture because 1, it was ugly and 2, I was running late to work/dropping Zach off at daycare. My mid morning snack was yummy fruit though, love when its strawberry season in Australia and you can get them for dirt cheap! My absolute favourite fruit!


Lunch was super easy and so tasty. Another one of my go to quick meals. It was just simply avocado, diced tomato and crumbled Danish Feta on gluten free corn crisp bread. A crack of pepper and pink salt on top really finishes it off.



Pizza night! I love making these veggie packed pizzas. We use rye wraps (Wattle Valley brand) as the base and add a ton of veggies! Tonight we used spinach, tomato, red capsicum, mushrooms, pineapple, pumpkin as well as a little cheese and pepperoni slices. Pizza minus the guilt and excess carbs. I also counted this as my ‘salad’ for the day as it was packed with goodness.



I thought I would whip up a batch of these yummy Raw Cacao Bliss Balls. They are a great afternoon pick me up. Packed with healthy fats from almonds and cashews. And a nice chocolate hit from the cacao powder. If you have never made Bliss Balls I suggest you give them a whirl! I had 2 as a snack and might sneak another one later for my dessert.


Today went really good, busy morning at work then an afternoon in the kitchen getting dinner prepped and whipping up the Bliss Balls. Now ready to crawl into bed and snuggle my baby boy to sleep. Hope everyone is having a wonderful day. Until tomorrow…


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