Fertility Diet: Day 2…


  Day #2


Today went pretty good, had work in the morning so had my overnight oats again for breakfast, minus banana this time because Zach decided to eat the last 2 yesterday afternoon lol. It was just as delious though.


Got home from work just after lunch time and was craving naughty hot chips/fries so I decided to whip up my oven baked sweet potato fries – I love these and they taste better than a deep fried McDonald’s French fry that’s for sure! I had a side salad with my DARK green veggie Spinach and some whipped avocado to dip the fries in! Such a good meal.


I made creamy Thai chicken curry in the slow cooker for dinner tonight. Packed with spinach, broccoli, red onion & capsicum. Served with a small side of jasmine rice. Will defiantly be making this one again.


Today’s fertility smoothie was made with fresh starwberries, mango, almond milk, Greek yogurt, maca powder and water. Also had a raw food bar made by The Bar Counter. They have an amazing range of healthy snack bars.

      Also had my daily vitamins along with 2 big glasses of water this morning. And my daily greens juice. So far feeling good. I really wanna stick to this and give my body the best chance possible to conceive during our IVF cycle next month. Thanks for reading…


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