The 21 day fertility challenge…

So we are doing it. IVF here we come…

Finances are all good and we will be doing our first ever IVF cycle in August. Got confirmation from our clinic today and will be attending a ‘Beginners; IVF’ information night with our nurse and a few other couples at the start of next month. All so real now. So I thought for a good distraction during the wait and to help prepare my body for all the stress it will be under (drugs, injections etc) I will be doing the 21 day fertility diet/challenge. I want to be as healthy as I can be and eat lots of nutrients and healthy fats etc. I will be starting this coming monday, July 20th. I will also be blogging everyday to keep myself accountable and to do a ‘visual food diary‘ as such.


So what is the 21 day fertility diet/challenge?

Basically the 21 day fertility diet/challenge is just keeping with your normal everyday diet (well balanced, lots of greens/lean meats, healthy fats etc) and just adding in these 5 things to your everyday intake:

 1: Drink 500ml – 1 litre of water within the first hour of waking up, add lemon or berries for added flavour if you like.

2: Eat one big green salad a day – lots of fresh veggies

3: Drink 1 fertility smoothie a day – I have found a few good recipes I will share once I test them out and find my favourites. It should include at least 1 fertility superfood (maca, spirulina, royal jelly etc)

4: Eat at least 1 DARK leafy green a day (mine will be spinach in my daily salad) Or you could do kale etc…

5: Drink 1 green juice a day. I have a juicer and a ton of green juice recipes that I love from when I did a few juice cleanses in the past.

So basically it’s just jamming as many greens and nutrition into the body, all the good stuff our body wants and needs. I’m really excited to get started and just help my body get healthier and prepared. I will also be doing light exercise 2-3 times a week. My doctor only wants me doing light exercise.

Look out for my first of many updates/food diaries. Hope they don’t keep too annoying & repetitive lol.


13 thoughts on “The 21 day fertility challenge…

  1. Good luck with IVF next month! I really think diet has so much to do with it! You can do it! We’ve been doing Hello Fresh for about a month because we were stuck in a meal planning rut. It’s a pretty fun way to eat healthy, but it is a little pricey.


  2. I start my second cycle in August as well. I’d love to join you on this challenge. I some maca powder and pills when I visited Peru in Feb. Barely took the pills before if and never had the powder. But I think its time lol look forward to your updates!


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  4. Thank you for this!!!! You’ve inspired me to actually go through with my fertility diet. I’ve had it on my (growing) list of things to do to help me get pregnant, but life has been unbearably challenging lately. I’m wishing you so much success and happiness with your upcoming IVF. I’m sure you will, but please keep us updated! xo


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