We met with our doctor this morning, after having a discussion with him we were left very confused on what we should do next. What our next step should be. We were sure that we would want to try at least 3 IUI cycles before we considered moving on to IVF. But is that really the best decision? Over $2,000 per IUI cycle – 3 cycles and we would be down over $6,000. The success rate is low, It’s only 15% – I’m 26 now, once you hit 25 the chances just decrease and decrease from there. It it really realistic to think it will work? It is the logical answer? No…probably not. An IVF cycle would set us back around $10,000 upfront but we would get about $5,000 back from rebates/medicare. It just doesn’t seem like we should do another IUI – IVF is about a 60% success rate…60% vs 15% – I sure know which I would prefer. With Zach we were so lucky, he was our miracle…and maybe we have already used up our miracle – maybe now we need to step the game up. We left the doctors office saying we were just going to do the IUI – we don’t really have $10,000 just laying around to do IVF. But IUI just didn’t feel right anymore


After discussing it further with my husband on the drive back to his work we realised we could get the money if we really needed it. (No i’m not talking about armed robbery or anything haha) So I called our doctor back literally 20 mins after we left our meeting to let them know we were thinking that we should move onto IVF instead. Just saying the words out loud is scary. My heart raced, tummy suddenly had butterflies swimming around and I was shaking a little. I never thought I would be in this position, I never thought we would need to turn to IVF. But we both feel that it’s the right choice.

So now we wait. My fertility clinic will be getting in touch to let me know dates/medications/injections/ultrasound dates etc. It is all very overwhelming. So much more intrusive than an IUI cycle,

But the outcome will be so very worth it. 

11 thoughts on “IVF…?

  1. Hooray for IVF! I was in the same situation. I got pregnant with my son at 26. He’s my miracle baby. We decided to skip IUI and go straight for IVF. Yes we had over a 60% chance of success so why not? It’s a no brainier. It’s more emotional, but it will be worth it when you’re brining home a baby!


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