The price of infertility: Part 2…

A few months back I did a post outlining the different costs that we were facing during our IUI process. Everything has been settled, our rebates are back and I now know there final cost of each IUI cycle. Here is the link to my old post if you were interested in having a glance: The price of infertility… (it’s a lot more detailed on each cost etc than this post will be.)


Lets get started, here are the new prices:

The basic blood tests and the cycle medications (clomid, pill, vitamins etc) were still at the same price, we didn’t get any further discounts etc.

Grand total: $422.95

*In my last post I did mention that we still needed to get the price of the Trigger shot still but we later found out that it was covered and we did not need to pay out of pocket

Donor sperm pricing was still the same, none of that was covered by medicare, Only the semen preparation done why the lab.

Grand Total: $1,199

Nurse/Doctor medical & insemination fees were where we ended up getting a much better rebate from medicare then we first originally thought.

Grand total originally: $1,518

Rebated total was originally only –$115.00 but we ended up getting –$658.80 rebated

So medical/nurse/doctor and insemination fees were cut down to $859.20 

So that brings us to a grand total of

= $2,481.15 out of pocket for this IUI cycle

However if this cycle is not successful our next round will not include the original blood tests so any further IUI’s will be

$2,058.20 out of pocket per IUI


So I am currently 8 days into the TWW, I have 4-5 days until I am going to do a pregnancy test, still undecided if I’ll do one 12dpo or 13dpo…guess I’ll have to wait and see how I’m feeling. I don’t really have any early pregnancy signs/symptoms – my boobs have been a little extra sensitive the past few days however. But thats about it. Not going to read too much into it. Until next time… xxx

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