The two week wait…

So 3 days have passed since our IUI and I’m 3 days into the two week wait.

And already going crazy. Over analysing everything that’s going on with my body, ‘Are my boobs sore today?’ ‘My stomach is a little upset!’ ‘Oooh is that cramping!’ LITERALLY everything my body does I have to analyse and see if I think it’s ‘pregnancy‘ related. Driving myself mad! I don’t want to get my hopes up…overthinking is a bitch…you can’t just turn your brain off. I was just thinking today though how amazing it is that I could actually be pregnant – I have spent the pass 4 years knowing that I will never be someone who might feel sick one day or miss a period and just think ‘oh wow maybe I’m pregnant‘ – Beacuse well – it’s impossible (can’t make a baby without sperm lol) So it’s amazing to be in this moment and just have that little glimmer of hope hanging over our heads…


Thank god the weekend is here, tomorrow I’ll be busy baking a cake for my sons 3rd birthday, I cannot believe he is going to be three already, time flies! I have found a shark inspired cake that I’m going to attempt to make (thank you Pinterest!) – he is currently obsessed with sharks and just about anything that is found in the sea lol. That will keep me rather occupied for most of the day. We then have my sister in laws birthday party to attend tomorrow evening. Zach’s birthday is Sunday so we will be busy visiting family and seeing friends, a busy weekend sounds very nice to me right now. Anything to keep me sane and keep my mind and myself busy…

Here is the cake I wanna attempt – wish me luck, I’ll need it lol.



Hope everyone has a great weekend!! xx

6 thoughts on “The two week wait…

  1. I love following your IUI jorney! Couldn’t imagine what the 2 week wait must be like! Sending baby dust your way xx


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