We have triggered…


So…trigger shot is done. It went down at 1am monday morning, It’s now 8:30am and the injection area is a little tender. The actual shot didn’t hurt, I was sure it was going to but it didn’t. I guess the idea of probing and poking yourself with a needle is a little more scary than actually doing it. That whole mind over matter thing you know…

Went it came to loading up the needle and getting it ready for the injection I was all thumbs – I felt like I was just stuffing everything up. I was just a nervous wreck. I just had to take a breath and relax. Once it was over I just kept thinking I didn’t do it right, it’s not going to work…But the injection pen was emptied, the shot was done. I knew it was done. Doubt just can’t help but crawl into my mind at times. This morning when I woke up I took an ovulation test to see if the second line was starting to darken up. (I took one yesterday and it was white – no second line at all) This mornings test had 2 lines…faint second line, but its there and it should now darken up over the next 36-48 hours.


On a side note: I spent all of friday night throwing up, my son had gotten a stomach bug from kindy and he was throwing up on thursday night, and he so kindly passed it onto me. I threw up a grand total of 7 times that night and got NO sleep…Felt like death all weekend and to top it all off I’m not getting a cold – runny nose, headaches, cough…This could have happened at anytime but no it had to happen just before our IUI…I hope it doesn’t effect it at all. Here’s doubt creeping back into my mind again…Positive – I need positive thoughts. From this point on it’s all positive!!!

IUI is tomorrow afternoon at 1pm – I have the day off work and Zach will be at kindy…after the deed is done I will be spending the afternoon in bed reading and relaxing…and hoping…

Wish us luck xxx

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