Follicle ultrasound results…

Today marks cycle day 9, 4 days since stopping Clomid we went in for my follicle ultrasound this morning, we got to see our fertility doctor again which was nice. He is a great doctor and very friendly/funny. I like that we can have jokes and it’s not all serious/no ‘personal’ type of conversations like past doctors have been.

So basically we went into this cycle blind because we had no idea how Clomid was going to work on me, whether the 50mg was going to be a high enough dose or not. We literally went in blind. The doctor likes to normally do 1 cycle of just trying out the drugs to see how they work with your body etc but my clinics office is based out of town and all the nurses etc fly up to Townsville every couple of months and will not be back until September so our doctor said lets just go for it, do the Clomid and just pray it works…So did it work? Did I produce follicles?

YES! Yes I did


The vaginal ultrasound wasn’t bad at all, a tiny bit uncomfortable but that’s about it. The idea was more scary than anything I think, never having had one before.Β  So he started with my right ovary – and apparently my good side. I had 2 measuring at 16mm and a smaller one at 13mm I also had about 3 smaller ones but they were too small to do anything so we didn’t get the measurements. Then onto my left ovary...I had a grand total of 1…a teeny tiny one that was also too small to even measure. My left side is a dud.

So in theory a follicle will grow about 2mm every 24 hours, so I will be triggering on Sunday night/early Monday morning. So the two 16mm will hopefully be a good 20mm by then and the 13mm will be about a 17mm. 18mm plus is ideal.

So everything is set and ready to go, I will be doing the oviderl trigger shot 1am Monday morning, and the IUI will take place 1pm Tuesday afternoon. So nervous and excited. Really hoping it works for us first time. Keeping all fingers and toes crossed!!


19 thoughts on “Follicle ultrasound results…

    • Yes we are so happy with him, we did see Dr Ron Chang at QFG but just didn’t find him as ‘approachable’ as Dr Jim. So excited for you guys and hope that you IVF round 2 is the one 😘


  1. That’s awesome! Stay encouraged about your great follicle size esp. only on 50 of clomid?! Be proud of your body. I’m getting to be quite a pro at those vaginal ultrasounds by now! lol. Good luck!


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