Clomid has commenced…

So 4 days after stopping the pill my period returned (11th June) So I have started my Clomid and will be taking a 50mg dose for days 2-6 of my cycle. Today is my second day taking it and honestly I haven’t really experienced any side effects, maybe just some mild hot flashes…I feel like the pill made me more crabby and moody than Clomid…so far. (Knock on wood lol) I literally prepared myself to go on like a massive crazy bitch fest, my nurse told me horror stories about other clients on Clomid, not to mention almost everything I’ve read online has been horrible…although Jason said he’ll let me know by day 4 how my mood has (truly) been lol.


My ultrasound with our fertility doctor is booked for 9:45am on Friday the 19th to check how many/if any follicles have grown. So nerves because I have no idea how my body is going to react to Clomid and if the 50mg does will be a high enough dose. Staying positive though and hoping it all works out!!
Not much else to update on until the ultrasound – 6 days away and counting!

2 thoughts on “Clomid has commenced…

  1. I heard horror stories as well about Clomid and I honestly had no symptoms either. My husband and I were birth preparing for taking bitch mode lol. I’m on to Femara now and other than being slightly more emotional it’s not bad either. Don’t believe everything you hear. šŸ™‚

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