Trigger shot lesson…

So this morning we finally met with our nurse Cath, after our original appointment got changed from Monday to this morning after her flight to Townsville got delayed. It was so nice to meet her in person and not just over the phone/Email conversations. We spent a good half an hour talking through our planner and having a lesson on doing the trigger shot (aka Ovidrel HCG Injection). These next couple of weeks are going to be exciting and nerve racking all at once! Bring it on!!!


So we started off by running through the planner, I will continue to take the pill until Sunday June 7th (only a few days away now) last pill being ON the 7th. Now typically for the average women the next period/cycle should begin back 3 days after stopping the pill so I should hopefully have my period start on/by Wednesday the 10th of June. I then start taking my Clomid on the 2nd day of my period (June 11th), for 5 days. I’m on a 50mg dose. Four days after I’ve stopped the Clomid tablets I will be having an ultrasound with my Fertility Doctor, He will be checking to see if the Clomid has made me produce follicles, he will be looking for them to be 18mm – 20mm in size, and no more than 2 at that size, If I have say 2 large follicles measuring at 19mm and then 3 small 10mm-13mm follicles than that is fine, but if there is more than 3 mature follicles then we will have to cancel the whole cycle as the risk of having triplets/quads will be too high.

So if the follicles are measuring good and not too many then we will be told when to trigger…So the Trigger shot lesson went really good, pretty straight forward. I got to do a practice run on a little fake belly/skin type of contraption.

Ovidrel inj 250 mcg_0.5 mL011764cc-86c6-4bf4-9819-a42900fff062.GIF

6 easy steps:

  1. Clean injection area (about an inch from the belly button) with soap and water.
  2. Load the needle onto the injection pen
  3. Turn clicker until dose 250ml is reached
  4. Remove cap
  5. Lightly pinch skin and insert needle
  6. Slowly inject the dose and count to 10 before removing the needle…

As simple as that….maybe…lol. I do admit I had shaky and sweaty hands when doing it, Jason knows what to do so if I can’t bring myself to do the injection he can always do it, although he has a little (well HUGE!) needle phobia – hence why I hope I can do it myself haha.

Another great piece of news we got today is that the Ovidrel injection will actually be free, no charge as we have a ‘medical’ reason for needing this fertility treatment, so we are rather pleased about that (saving about $100) Our nurse said that if same sex couples or single women were doing the same treatment and needed the Ovidrel they would need to pay out of pocket for it. Which I’m not too sure how I feel about as I believe same sex couples and single women who only have this as an option for children deserve it just as much as we do…

Also our donor sperm #9528 has arrived in Townsville and is in storage at our clinic ready for the big day. Now all we need is my body to respond well to the Clomid and produce at least 2 good sized follicles – go babies GROW!!!


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