Choosing our donors…

Zach’s Donor:

When we chose our donor for Zach, we fell in love with the donors profile, the donor was into music, sports, movies. He had a passion for outdoor actives like camping and hiking. He had wonderful family values and was a engineer student. He was from a Latino/Hispanic background. We didn’t care about skin colour, or if he would have crazy curly hair…we just knew that this was our donor. And he would bless us with our baby. We got to see a picture of the donor as a baby and that just sealed the deal. Here we are now and Zach is also 3 years old, he has beautiful tan skin (skin that I’m jealous of because I’m so pasty white lol) the most gorgeous curly hair and the most crazy, loving,fun and adventurous toddler we could have ever been blessed with. We love him and thank the world that we are his parents.


our everything as a fresh newborn

Donor #2:

So as I have stated in a few posts now the donor we had chosen for Zach is no longer available which means we would have to do the whole selection process again. We actually changed fertility clinics as well and had a larger database to look at. We knew that we wanted to choose a donor that would have a similar skin tone/eye and hair colour to Zach. We had a look at the ‘basic’ info database and narrowed our search down to 4 profiles. We got to read the in depth 30 page profiles on each of our final 4. The files are filled with medical background, family history, interests, hobbies, school/education history, job history etc as well as a baby picture of the donor. Jason and myself read the files together taking in all the information and then just like that we found the one. It was the 3rd profile we looked at. We instantly knew. He was a doctor, just finished medical school, he had 2 brothers and 2 sisters, a great family life, loved travelling, had actually dropped out of collage to travel around Europe but ended up back in school and graduated. He is from a very wide cultural background including Hawaiian, English, German, Puerto ricin, Italian, Native American. He described himself with olive skin, dark hair and eyes. The thing that was the icing on the cake was the handwritten note that he left for potential couples that he would be helping. It was such a loving, emotional letter. He said that he understood how tough it was for some couples to conceive and that he just wanted to help couples become/complete their families. He knew how much family meant to him and he wanted to help struggling couples etc. It was just a beautiful letter and it touched us both. We didn’t even need to look at the 4th profile…we were set.
We are so excited to start this next chapter of our life. We want to give Zach a brother or sister, we want to expand our family and we are so grateful everyday that donors are available and that fertility doctors are here to help. 1 in 8 couples will experience infertility – we are not alone.

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