The price of infertility…

I thought I would share a post about the financial side/impact of infertility. This is just our experience and of course everyones medical needs/treatments are different thus meaning different expenses etc, but I thought sharing a brief overview would be insightful/helpful to anyone needing or wondering about the pricing/costs involved. Keep in mind we are in Australia and our pricing is very different to the USA etc. We do not have private health insurance just medicare, so our rebates (if anything) are very low. So lets get down to business…


The basics/bloods:

– First meeting with our doctor at our new fertility clinic (Monash IVF) $180.00

($72.75 was refundable from medicare)

– First round of blood tests to check hormone levels etc, STD check, and urine tests $229.70

($149.00 was refundable from medicare)

– Counselling session with a Psychiatrist (compulsory when undergoing donor treatments) $140.00 

(None of which was refundable)

The Medications:

So for this cycle of IUI we are doing a pill/clomiphene DI cycle (aka Pill and Clomid donor insemination ovulation induction cycle – wow thats a lot to spit out lol) Medication prescriptions we needed to purchase:

-Micronelle Pill comes in a 3 month supply $8.99

– Clomid (10 tablets, 2 month supply) $30.99

– Trigger shot injection (we won’t be purchasing this until June after out nurse visit on the 1st of June) Price is TBA

– Then you have the average TTC/cycle must haves – Prenatal vitamins, Fish oil and Iron supplements $55.00

Donor Sperm Pricing:

– Semen preparation $107.00

($43.00 was refundable from medicare)

– Overseas donor sperm $1,135.00

(None of which is refundable – obviously)

*Now I thought I would just share with you all WHY we chose overseas donor sperm vs Australian donor sperm. First off when we went through this with Zach in 2011 Australia actually had a ‘Donor sperm shortage’ and it was not even an option. We did look at the Australian donors this time around, however the list was very, very short compared to the Euro Bank overseas list. Another reason is because the overseas sperm is a lot higher standard/quality. It is washed and frozen in a much more higher standard. (The price of Australian donor sperm was about half the price, but we just went with our gut and chose the overseas donor)

Nurse/Doctor Medical & Insemination Fees:

– Special planning/cycle management  $373.00

($72.00 was refundable from medicare)

– Doctors insemination fee $1,145.00

(None of which is refundable)

Any other blood tests and ultrasounds will still need to be paid fro out of pocket as well as any other meetings we will have with our fertility doctor ($80.00 per appointment)

So that brings us to a grand total of


– $673.50 (refundable amount)

= $2,731.18 out of pocket per IUI cycle



4 thoughts on “The price of infertility…

  1. I wish that I would have done this from the beginning. This is great to see for those of us going through it or for people that don’t know /understand/ or go through this. They can now see what some people have to go through to have a baby!


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