Preparing body for baby…

What am I doing to prepare my body for a pregnancy?

  • What foods are best?
  • Do certain foods boost fertility?
  • What should I be avoiding?

Vitamins –

So we have about a month until our IUI, and I want my body to be ready for what we will be putting it through in the coming weeks (climid – oh gee have I heard horror stories) I’ve already starting taking my Prenatal pregnancy vitamins, they are a must have before, during and even after pregnancy – it helps to cover any nutritional gaps that may be in your diet. Fish Oil capsules are another on my daily pill dose, its proven to help with the baby’s eye and brain development. Finally Iron, it helps to boost fertility – women who take an iron supplement have a higher chance of falling pregnant than women who don’t.

Foods – 

Foods I should be eating:

Fish, leafy greens, avocado, citrus fruits, beans, seeds and nuts, lean red meat, sweet potato…

Foods to avoid:

Alcohol, caffeine, spicy foods…

So are there any foods that claim to ‘boost’ fertility? Apparently so, here’s a short list of fertility friendly foods…can’t hurt to give it a go right? Lol.

  • Steak
  • Brown Rice
  • Broccoli
  • Sunflower Seeds
  • Avocado

Exercise –

Staying active is just GOOD in general. It helps to boost your mood and keep you happy. It helps you to feel more energetic throughout the day. Getting 30 mins of exercise a day, whether it be a walk around the block or a yoga class. Staying active is a must.

What am I doing?

  • Beach walks with my family
  • 2-3 gym sessions a week (weight training or cardio)

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