Popping Pills…

I started the pill (Micronelle) today, had to start on the 2nd day of my period. The doctor wants to ‘control’ this cycle and have me take the active pills until June, virtually stopping my ovulation/cycle for this month. My period started yesterday – I would generally ovulate naturally on the 14th day of my cycle (May 17th) but we are completely skipping it, my natural cycle was not a good date as my nurses at our fertility clinic will not be in town, the clinic is actually based in Mackay not Townsville so that’s another hurdle.

I have full faith in what the doctor is getting me to do, but I can’t help but have bad thoughts, I’ve never taken a contraceptive pill in my life. I have no idea how my body will respond to it. I am meant to stop taking the active pill in the 2nd week of June (haven’t got exact dates yet, waiting on my full schedule to be posted to me from the clinic) and they said my period should start back within the first day or two after going off the pill. That will be when I start Clomid (days 2-6 of my period) I’m just so paranoid about if my body will respond correctly, I guess I just have a fear that my period won’t come back straight away – thus postponing the IUI….

Not to mention I did some research on ‘the pill’ (yep I’m that chick who knows NOTHING about the pill lol) Here are somethings I came by that just scare me.

  • The pill makes the mucus around the cervix thicker – making it harder for sperm to travel through.
  • The hormones in the pill can sometimes affect the lining of the uterus, making it difficult for an egg to attach to the wall of the uterus.

Reading that scared me, I’m not gonna lie, I mean I just want my body in the best form for conceiving and the pill is just throwing me a curve ball. How long do the ‘effects’ of the pill stay in the body for?

Just reading all these things are making me second guess this whole ‘controlled cycle’ thing. But the nurses and Doctor know what they are talking about – I’m sure they have had many cases like this and many successes with this method. Am I just over thinking things?

Guess this was just a vent kind of post, needed to get it off my chest.

I have to have faith in my body, in my doctor.

No negative thoughts are too cross my mind from this point on….

Thanks for reading guys 🙂image

3 thoughts on “Popping Pills…

  1. Hey. Why is there no centre in Tsv ? and so do you travel to Mackay to do all of the apps or can it be done “externally” through Tsv? Going to mackay would add to travel costs etc too.

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    • There is a clinic in Townsville (Qld Fertility Group) which is where we went through the first time, however we weren’t really comfortable/impressed with the doctors etc so we thought we would go with Monash this time around. Their main office is based in Mackay but the nurses travel here to Townsville so we don’t actually have to travel, which is good. So far everything has gone a lot smoother and better with Monash. And we love the nurses and our doctor.


      • Ahh! Thats fair enough. You gotta be comfortable with this stuff. I understand in a different sense (go to brissy for treatment etc). Glad you don’t have to travel too.


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