The reason why Jason is infertile…

So why is Jason infertile?

Finding out the reason for Jason’s azoospermia diagnosis.

Azoospermia – noun

noun: azoospermia
  1. absence of motile (and hence viable) sperm in the semen.

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Back in 2011 when we went to our first meeting with a fertility specialist they ordered a testicle biopsy which would determine if there was any sperm in Jason’s testicles and if a blockage was causing the ‘No Sperm Detected’ samples.

As I said in my first post they found nothing but body tissue.

Our question was why? Why was this happening? What was the cause?

We did some research and there is a TON of medical reasons/conditions why a person would be affected by azoospermia. Jason had a look through all the information we had collected, and there it was the reason…

Undescended Testes 

*info link *

Jason had remembered that when he about 18 months old he had an operation ‘orchidopexy.’The operation was to correct undescended testes. We took that information to our specialist and asked if that could have been the reason? He said most likely.

So what? Was the operation done wrong? Was he given an accidental vasectomy?The doctor never really went into detail or explained anything to us. 

Now fast forward to last week, when we went into our first meeting with our new fertility specialist at our my clinic. When he asked us why Jason was diagnosed with azoospermia we just said we were pretty sure it was from an operation he had as a baby for undescended testes.

 Bless this doctor because he then went into detail about it all with us. After finding out Jason was 18 months of age when he had the operation the doctor basically said there you go that’s the reason. Because his testicles were left inside his body for so long the natural body heat virtually killed off the sperm. If the operation was done within the first 6 -12 months it may have been a different story, he may have had no troubles at all.

There it was finally, a reason. An explained reason. Not an operation gone wrong, just an unfortunate complication that Jason was born with. These days they treat undescended testes right away and monitor them closely. 27 odd years ago things were a little different. But at least we know now.

Azoospermia, caused by undescended testes. 


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