Our story so far…

Hello and welcome to our blog, Chasing A Miracle. This blog will be about our journey to becoming a family of 4…or should I say 6? Do we include the cat and dog…? We will be using this blog as a therapeutic type of place as I feel talking about this journey and sharing it is good for the mind and soul, kind of a stress reviver also. I have already found so much love and support from my fellow IG mamas – the kind words and well wishes they give my family is amazing and I cherish a lot of those friendships I have made. I hope you guys enjoy a closer look at our journey this time around.


Lets take a look back… My husband Jason and myself have been together for almost 8 years and will be celebrating our 2 year wedding anniversary in September. We first started TTC in late 2008/2009, being a mother was something I always dreamt about, Jason always saw himself as a father also, it was in our destiny. After trying for a year or so I finally got the courage to speak with our doctor about why it wasn’t happening for us, She ran some tests and blood work – everything looked normal. I was having regular cycles and OPK’s were telling me that I was ovulating.

She then told me that a normal healthy couple could take up to 2 years to conceive. Jason at this point didn’t get any checks done he just said lets keep trying for another year and see how it goes. He later told me that he was too scared to get checked at the time as he was afraid that something was wrong. He didn’t want to lose me. He even secretly hoped I was the one with the ‘problem’ as he didn’t want to be the reason we weren’t falling pregnant.

After another year and countless pregnancy tests – (crazy how you convince yourself you could possibaly be pregnant – even if your mind was only ‘making up’ symptoms) We went back to the doctors. This time around Jason was sent for seaman analysis, it came back as ‘Very low – No sperm detected’ Thinking it might have just been a bad sample he was sent for another one. Thats right you guessed it ‘NO SPERM DETECTED’ They now had it listed as ‘Azoospermia.’ That was a tough time for us – Jason took it hard “The one thing a man is suposed to do, the thing that makes him a man – I can’t do” My heart broke.

But we were determined to be a family. We got a referral to The Queensland Fertility Group. The first thing our Doctor Ron Chang got Jason to do was another sperm analysis – nothing. So he was booked in for a testicle biopsy thinking that maybe there was blockage that was causing the problem. They collected a sample from his testicle but all that was found was body tissue. So that was that…We knew that to have a family we would need to use donor sperm. Our doctor explained IUI to us, we were heading down that road.

We looked through donors (at the time Australia had a donor sperm shortage so this clinic got all of it’s donor sperm from an american sperm bank)  and found one we loved – his hobbies, lifestyle, family values, job…the full package. We knew this was the one. We were lucky enough to fall pregnant on our first IUI cycle – however we did not have enough money at that time to buy extra vials of that donor to keep in storage for future use. We knew that if we were to have more children we might need to pick a new one. **We later found out when our son was about one that the donor was no longer available**

In June 2012 we welcomed our son Zach William, We were finally a family. Fast forward to now, 2015. We have a son we love dearly. He is adventurous, he is funny, he is strong willed and he even drives us a little crazy at times. But we wouldn’t have it any other way. Now starts the journey all over again. We are doing another round of IUI this june – I hope you all will enjoy following along with us this time around.

3 thoughts on “Our story so far…

  1. Hi! So glad to have found your blog. I am 22 and from QLD originally but currently live in NSW. My husband and I found out that he had low sperm count (around 3 million per mL) and morphology and motility around 2 years ago now. We did an IUI but decided to go for IVF for the success rate. Unfortunately for us we have undergone 3 fresh cycles and 3 frozen embryo cycles that have all been negative 😦 It’s so hard to know whether it is our embryos or my uterus not accepting them but we have spent SO much money in the process of trying to find out. Our next step is another ivf cycle and genetic testing on our embryos to see if they are normal and if they aren’t we may look into sperm donation and if they are maybe surrogacy. It’s such a long road but soo worth it in the end 🙂

    Congratulations on your little boy, he is absolutely gorgeous! You guys make a lovely family. If you have any questions regarding IVF please don’t hesitate to swing me a comment or message! Wish you and your family the best of luck & can’t wait to follow your journey 🙂 x


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